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1 million 698 thousand yuan from the new Porsche Panamera Asia starter – Sohu car [Sohu car new]2016 November 7th, Porsche officially announced its new generation Panamera Asia starter. Prior to this, the price of the car in the country has been announced, a total of two models launched Panamera4S and PanameraTurbo, the guidance price was $1 million 698 thousand and $2 million 198 thousand. A new generation of Panamera Volkswagen Group Based on the new development of MSB modular body platform to build, most of the body structure using aluminum materials, and equipped with a new V6, V8 twin turbo engine. [Photo] leadership appearance: the new Porsche Panamera whole body profile did not change much, mainly through some of the details of the adjustment makes it seem to be more flat than the previous generation. Headlight group and other car front grille for a new design into a more straight line after the visual sense of movement is obviously improved. At the same time, the tail of the car using the 3D LED taillights through the windshield, reduce the height of 20mm, between C column and the car tail is more slender. Body size: the new Porsche Panamera body size length and width and height are respectively 50491937 1423mm, compared to the old 34mm 6mm 5mm, the wheelbase is extended from the current model of 2920mm to 2950mm, increased 30mm, there is some improvement for the rear passenger legroom will be reduced, and the passenger cabin height (above the rear reduce 20mm). At the same time, the volume of the trunk also increased to 495 liters (1304 liters), compared with the current big 50 liters. Interior: new Panamera with a new design, the biggest feature is the large number of applications of touch keys, and is equipped with a new generation of Porsche communications management system (PCM) in the control of 12.3 inch LCD touch screen, the driver and front passenger can be respectively on screen operation, its functions include online navigation, Porsche Internet and online function through the apple CarPlay integrated smart phone functions. In addition, the new car is also equipped with the latest three spoke multifunction steering wheel, an intuitive control knob with the steering wheel, can be used to adjust the driving mode of " Normal" (standard), " Sport" " Sport (Sports) Plus" (motion; upgrade) or " Individual" (individual);. It is reported that the new Panamera will also provide new electric mechanical steering system and enhanced Porsche dynamic chassis control system (PDCC system) for consumers. Power: the new Panamera4S will be equipped with 2.9T V6 twin turbo.相关的主题文章: