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The 2016 Guangzhou auto show: Mercedes Benz E sports version 422 thousand and 800 – car / automobile Sohu Sohu 2016 Guangzhou auto show]2016 Guangzhou auto show has kicked off, Benz stands a huge lineup, in addition to the main sales models, but also brought homemade Mercedes Benz E sports Version (standard wheelbase version). The price of the new car is 42.28-48.58 million, in addition to the Mercedes Benz E long wheelbase version also increased two models, priced at $459 thousand and 800 and $629 thousand and 800. Appearance, the new face shape and motion of the long wheelbase version of the model is basically the same. As for the tail, the axis of the rear version of the window and the door with an integrated design, and did not like the long wheelbase version of the vehicle mounted on the C column. Axis length and width of the axis of 4923mm 1852mm 1468mm, wheelbase 2939mm, compared to the wheelbase wheelbase shortened by 140mm. Interior, the new extension of the long wheelbase version of the interior design style. But it is worth noting that the new car canceled the entire lcd panel, replaced by the traditional mechanical pointer dashboard. Power, the new car is expected to carry the current power system of the long version of the model, including two different adjustable 2.0T engine, maximum power of 184 horsepower and 245 horsepower; the drive will match the 9 speed manual gearbox.相关的主题文章: