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30 hot spots: do not want to go to the Huangceng exposure Zhan Knight Wade not surprised – fined Sohu sports Beijing time on October 30th, let us review the news today: TOP5 (click the title) 1 exposure James pre draft do not want to go to the knight ESPN reporter Blaine Wen Khost day before puliao, 2003 draft before Lebron, James is not the first to become a member of the cavaliers! The Khost is known as the queen James reporter, so he puliao has certain reliability. The fact is that 13 years ago, James was the first American high school, the Cleveland is the bottom of the league. As everyone knows, James from northern Ohio, Akron, he was really willing to put on the Cavaliers Jersey, for the home team? "When James was a teenager, he began to Cleveland home court to see the ball, but he can’t believe that the Cavaliers how bad the stadium seats are often empty," the Khost wrote, "James four go to see a few games, are arranged on the sidelines, also visited the locker room. But after seeing the Cavaliers 17 wins, and the League minimum attendance, James’s idea is clear: the team is very bad, he does not want to be part of it." 2 Wade said the surprise was fined from ESPN reported today in an interview, talked about because of throat movement and was fined $25000, the Bulls star Dwayne – Wade said to respect the decision of the alliance, and that this action is not malicious. Chicago new season regular season opener against Celtic team, with Wade at the last minute of the three key points, the Bulls won the opener. Put the record three points, Wade is very excited to cut action. Because of this action, "lightning" to eat the first ticket of the new season. The fact is that Wade has already cut action Saturday made a public apology on twitter, but eventually fined $25000. "The union office called me and we talked to each other," Wade said. "I’ve been in the League for years and I’m expecting that they’ll call me. I told them on the phone that I didn’t mean anything." "When I calmed down, I knew I was going to be fine," Wade explained. All I have to do is take care of it and then move on." 3 Serie A finals MVP refused the Rockets this summer from the "Milan sports daily" reported that the Milan team captain Alessandro McGinty Levin said, this summer is not he did not want to visit NBA, but the Rockets refused to sign him to change his mind! The 2014 NBA draft, the Timberwolves overall pick in the second round of the fifty-third McGinty Levin, after his contract traded to the rockets. Gentile has been awarded a serie a finals MVP, originally rumours that the 23 year old McGinty Levin will come to NBA in the summer, but unfortunately did not happen. This makes McGinty Levin "I brood on, (Mike) DAntoni and coach of the exchange, he said he wanted to teach me," Levin McGinty said, "honestly, listen to this.相关的主题文章: