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Foreign investors prefer India to China? The sina finance leaders column (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Wu Shunhuang Zhou Cong Chinese has occurred in the watershed, the market is mature, foreign investment of more than FDI inflows, become an exporter of capital. The FDI also appeared in the previous additional investment above. The India can attract such a large green investment, to prove that it does not open up more resources, FDI inflows will continue to rise, there will be a round of investment boom in the future. Foreign investors prefer India to China? India is the first country of FDI? A report from the financial times Data Services Department declared that India in 2015 to surpass the United States, China, the largest FDI absorbing country". However, does India really surpass China in the attractiveness of FDI? After reporting and reporting, naturally become heavy news, the economic growth rate is not easy to exceed the country of China, but also so beautiful data out, of course, the media to report wantonly. Figure: India times hit the India beat China and the United States to become the world’s first destination of foreign direct investment, the subject of interest. Figure: India media played the "India FID beyond China," the subject of interest. In the introduction of Wikipedia FDI in India, Wikipedia introduced the situation in India in 2015 when the FDI is quoted by the financial times data. See the following figure: Figure 3 many people will certainly have a problem, including the author, how India’s FDI all of a sudden over China? The economies of the two countries are not in the same order of magnitude. However, the "Financial Times" data. But the evidence. Figure 4 source: Financial Times "global green trend" ("THE fDi investment REPORT 2016 Global greenfield investment trends") is the author of India FDI more than Chinese jealous, but living in India for a long time, the media reported the production data will produce conditioned doubts. So we went to check some special FDI data from other sources, and large differences were found: figure: China 2015 actual use of foreign investment $126 billion 300 million, Chinese source: Bureau of statistics as above, Chinese bureau gives 2015 Chinese actual attract FDI data for the 126 billion 300 million, and the financial times with only $56 billion 600 million as the amount of FDI Chinese 2015 the. The data and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development released the 2016 annual global investment report and the organization for economic cooperation and development report similar to the financial times far. Look at the India government data (below), in 2015 FDI inflows of only about $45 billion. There seems to be a big gap between the financial times and the financial times. Interpretation of India FDI data of the same economic data, often because of statistical differences caused by the final result very different. The data given by the financial times should not be statistical errors, the data