5 well-known brokerage Wednesday bullish on the 6 sector of the 31 shares (list)-candle june

5 well-known brokerage Wednesday bullish 6 plates 31 shares (list) Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you falls in real estate: focus on four main recommended 9 stocks investment advice: 1) this week, Beijing Yishoufang turnover rebounded sharply last week, Shenzhen it fell sharply, single week turnover has fallen to a 15 year low level; the land market overall supply face with a decline, but the land supply line last week increased significantly. 2) last week, Zhengzhou introduced Zheng Jiutiao: for buyers, the maximum amount of individual housing loans provident fund at the same time approved by the three conditions. For land supply, proposed by the end of the year to take a lot of batches, concentrated for the land, and set up more than 50% net bid premium rate, the suspension of the network quoted price and other measures; in addition, the introduction of the purchase of the policy of the evening of Hangzhou restriction of 9.18. 3) last week, bureau of Statistics announced in August real estate data, the first half of restocking the investment will remain in the low base effect to maintain inertia, we still maintain the real estate investment forecast annual 5% growth in the real estate sector increased by 58%; the report of cash in hand, show the willingness to invest is reduced to marginal; August monthly sales rebound last September, after considering a single month sales base, we expect sales growth to maintain, the annual cumulative decline in the growth rate is still. We recently recommended China Merchants Shekou, Binjiang group, Beijing urban construction, real development and reporting the results of beautiful, RNAV discount obvious company. The fourth quarter recommendations concern: 1) solid fundamentals, valuation stable industry leader: such as China Merchants Shekou, Poly Real Estate; 2) have sustainable cash flow concept, benefit from the financing costs down – Lujiazui, China World Trade Center Chinese valuation increase; 3) high-quality real estate resources, regional advantage subject on the development, Beijing urban construction; 4) and orderly transition, multi drive business development of high-tech development, Dimma shares, Jiabao group. Shun securities of new energy: solar thermal demonstration project approved recommended 5 stocks this week recommended combination: Beijing CREE (distribution network equipment, leading shares Gui’an power distribution company, Zhengzhou airport new energy services steadily), state power South (main camp potential benefit from the subject, is expected to reverse, the market value of the smaller), Fuling power (Chongqing regional electricity company, placing the national network of distribution network energy saving business platform, the only listed the potential transformation of integrated energy service provider), Huayou cobalt (co leader, benefit three yuan battery needs outbreak, performance next year, east energy (reverse) group assets into commitments due in January next year, the sale of electricity in Beijing Tianjin Hebei). China and Thailand securities computer: prospects of smart city construction can be recommended 4 stocks during the Mid Autumn Festival, in guiding the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of public security, many national public security traffic management department and the high moral map jointly issued "2016 Mid Autumn Festival travel forecast", help the masses to arrange travel time and travel destination, to guide the wisdom of the masses. At the same time, many intelligent transportation systems are also given travel advice. The construction of intelligent transportation is bringing tangible benefits to the people’s lives and bringing real help to the relevant departments. Intelligent transportation construction belongs to the wisdom of urban construction相关的主题文章: