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6 light Xiaochao: mushroom, oyster sauce 3 oyster mushroom oyster mushroom practices: 1, letinous edodes and Tricholoma were washed to remove stalks, each split into 4 pieces of mushroom. Oil gluten cut in half, onion chopped standby; 2 pot into the amount of oil until fragrant and then add the chopped onion, mushroom and stir evenly block letinous edodes block; 3, to be slightly soft mushroom after transferred to soy sauce, oyster sauce, stir fry evenly; adding gluten and 4 soup, until the soup is slightly dry, in white sugar stir evenly after Zhuangpan can. Tips: small mushrooms, contains the essence of nature, is a very delicious food. All kinds of mushrooms not only taste delicious, delicate and smooth, nutritional value is very high, is a kind of high protein, low fat, healthy food, rich in essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins and polysaccharides and other nutrients, has a strong health care function. Regular consumption can well coordinate the body’s absorption of other nutrients, thereby increasing the nutritional efficiency of food. 4, Flammulina velutipes scrambled eggs scrambled practice: 1, will remove the root of the mushroom 1-2 cm, washed, soaked in dilute brine; 2, egg, put a little salt, pepper and water, stirring evenly; 3, heat the wok, add a little oil, stir fry into the egg, egg flower 4, Sheng; pan, put a little hot oil, under the mushroom, stir fry until soft, add fried egg, stir fry until 5; mixing the two, salt and oil, stir and add a little chopped green onion, pan. Tips: 1, mushroom in brine immersion, in order to eliminate bacteria and odor is possible; 2, fried egg with the egg in the fire, add a small amount of water can make more fluffy egg. [2], 5 ring oil ring oil cabbage cabbage practice: 1, wash the cabbage, torn by hand, into the boiling water pot, water to be opened again to remove, do not cook for a long time, it’s just refreshing; 2, burns of the cabbage control out of the water, poured into the plate, in turn on the smoke, salt and sugar, pepper and chili powder; 3, 1 tablespoon oil in a hot hot pot, sprinkle the sauce evenly poured on the cabbage, at the same time pour a spoonful of good vinegar mix can be eaten. Tips: 1, oil does not need too much, enough to be cooked seasoning can be; 2, put cool also very delicious. 6, fried cucumber cucumber fried perilla perilla, cucumber and cut into practice: 1 cylinder around 5cm. The cylindrical broken down the middle into 2 semicircular, cut flower knife on the diamond in the green side; 2, red pepper cut. Just mince garlic. Perilla casually cut a few knife; 3, put the oil pan pan, turn a small fire, the cucumber called flower knife side down, into the pot, fry the skin a little coke; 4, fried into cucumber flower knife where coke, no skin side looks soft, add garlic, basil, pepper and salt; 5, and then began to stir with a spatula to gently cut the cucumber, it will automatically split into small pieces; 6, a little bit of water, simmer for one or two minutes;]相关的主题文章: