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Advertising One of the most effective and nearly instant ways to drive traffic to a website is Pay Per Click aka PPC. If you do not already have an account with Google AdWords, I suggest you set one up right away. Using Google AdWords or a similar service like Yahoo! Search Marketing, your ad can be displayed on their search engine results pages for the specific keywords you bid on that are related to your website. To achieve success in online PPC advertising, you have to learn exactly how it works and how it can benefit to your online business. Talking in general terms, PPC is all about keyword bidding for search engine placement. A successful PPC campaign involves thorough planning and the perfect placement. For outshining your .petitors in PPC, implement the following 7 winning steps: 1. Understand your target market: You should never start a campaign until you conduct market research in your niche. I suggest that you run searches on Google for your top keywords and study the first page results including paid and organic listings. 2. Set your budget: PPC campaigns are all about planning and how to stay within the stipulated budget. Before beginning your PPC campaign, you must determine your daily or monthly budget. With this in mind you will never spend more than you can afford to. It will also allow keep you from getting caught up in a keyword bidding war in the PPC advertising game. 3. Choose keywords: The keywords you use will either convert visitors into sales or not do so. There is really no way to know ahead of time how a specific keyword will perform. I suggest creating a list of at least 10 targeted keywords initially. It is also a good idea to use brackets for the keyword (eg. [car parts]). 4. Always bid intelligently: It is a proven fact that the keyword bidding strategy is one of the most significant factors to the success of any PPC campaign. With the right keyword bidding, you can easily score over your .petitors. Never bid too high for keywords. This can cause you to lose a lot of money, especially if your website is not converting well. 5. Write catchy advertisements: Many studies have revealed that there are various approaches to write effective PPC advertisements. You can write your PPC advertisements on a product name, .pany’s brand name, .petitors name, discount offers, testimonials, money-back guarantees, free trials or offers, reverse psychology or shock phrase, etc. The possibilities are endless. 6. Have a professional landing page: The landing page on your website absolutely must be targeted to the keywords you are bidding on. Your website should be user friendly, content should be updated regularly, check for spelling and grammatical errors, and make sure there are no broken links. Your website should also be designed for Inter. browsers to navigate and quickly load. 7. Analyze the results: Many PPC advertisers ignore this step and their profits are adversely affected. You must take the time to log in to your account every few days. If your ad CTR is low, then split test another version. As I mentioned before, some keywords will not convert. Delete these keywords without hesitation and try new ones often. If you apply the 7 steps in this article, I feel confident that you will make more money with PPC. Do not expect to do everything right the first time. This is a learning process. You will only be successful if you learn from your mistakes and adjust your strategy accordingly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: