74National Championship – Ding Junhui finals in the doldrums in the first half of the 1-8 behind Selby|National Championship – Ding Junhui finals in the doldrums in the first half of the 1-8 behind Selby8

The National Championships – Ding Junhui the final significant downturn of the first half 1-8 behind Selby – Sports Sohu Beijing time on October 30th, 2016 snooker Daqing National Championships finals ending the war started, Chinese star Ding Junhui could not continue after the good state, the final half lost five, the final big score 1-8 behind Selby, the Title of the situation of both sides in jeopardy. Half of the game will be started at 19:30. Ding Junhui last season’s World Championship runner up to regain confidence, this season won the Shanghai Masters champion broke the title drought, the current national championship winning streak, Grace, Stevens, Walton Miqieerman, Higgins and Trump after the finals. Ding Junhui final opponent is Selby, the two met in the finals for the third time in a row, the world championships in the world, the loss of the enemy, but not long ago, the Shanghai masters is the success of revenge on the 2016, but it is not the case for the first time in the world cup in the world cup in the United states. The final 19 by winning 10 tournaments, were divided into the first half and the second half of the 10 bureau bureau 9. The first game, Selby first error penalty, but Ding Junhui long table into the red after leave you with a snooker, then the solution the ball mistakes, Searl scored the red bag bottom competition started, then scored 88 points extra points to win 1-0 lead. Ding Junhui in the second inning to choose to fight the right at the bottom of the bag ball mistakes, Selby scored the opening goal started, then scored 83 points to win this super 2-0 lead. In third, Ding Junhui took Selby into the Taiwan long left the opportunity to get started, even 47 hours after the top of the bag powder ball can’t spell, Searl Biliande also failed to continue after 31 minutes. Then the two men in the yellow ball fight, Ding Junhui forward directly to the yellow ball hit the table, Selby once again started to clear the table with the Bureau, leading 3-0. The two sides in the fourth inning because the ball is locked at the bottom of the bag, long time bucket defense decided after swing. Selby established a 58-1 lead, then Ding Junhui began to chase points, green ball forced Selby penalty ball, clear the table reversed won the final score 1-3 behind the first game of victory. After the break in the fifth game between the Bureau, Ding Junhui solution ball pile force is too light penalty ball, Selby then started scored 67 points after a call over the red ball turnovers into the defense. Ding Junhui then began to chase points, chose a green ball game formation delay. Ding Junhui then made a snooker, Selby after super win the 4-1 lead. The sixth game of Selby continuation of the good state, leading the two scored 68 points over the edge, Ding Junhui scored at the bottom of the bag after the red ball called bit errors, abandon the backward 1-5. The seventh game of Ding Junhui still could not get rid of the downturn in the state, although the first to get on the mobile phone, but scored 29 points after top bag red ball into the ball, Selby then set up 70-29 super advantage. Ding Junhui tried to chase did not succeed, Selby long table into a red ball finally take the 6-1 lead. Ding Junhui scored 7 points in eighth games after the break, then defensive fighting Selby continues to make the snooker, Ding Junhui after another penalty after the ball, Selby then started scored 45 points extra points scored this board, leading 7-1. The first half in the last game, Selby is a precise long table to, scored 19 points after the end of the red ball into the bag, but)