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A Huzhou couple interpretation of the true meaning of filial piety to serve the sick father for 27 years in the Huzhou District of Nanxun City Linghu Town West Gate community, has a family of ordinary families, the interpretation of the true meaning of family filial piety in the light life. This is a special family. The old man and Xu Yuming is a father and son relationship, although there is no blood relationship but does not affect the feelings of the father and son. Later, his wife Lu Qiuping joined the family, the couple together to serve the father for 27 years, until the old man died. Xu Yuming’s father was suffering from epilepsy, has not married. Father Xu Yuming and parents are friends, in the parents with the consent of the father, the adoption of the 7 year old Xu Yuming. A bachelor is both a father and a mother, raising the 7 year old boy. Wife Lu Qiuping is a dutiful wife, she often said: "the old saying, China, so caring for the elderly is our responsibility." Since married husband Xu Yuming, she and her husband together to take care of the father’s responsibility. The day is so warm and calm. It was not until 2003 that everything was different. That year, Lu Qiuping retired from the factory Linghu that year, father lost life self-care ability. In order to ease the work of her husband, Lu Qiuping swept all the housework and daily life work to serve her father-in-law. Every time after the onset of the general public will defecate incontinence. There is a time after the onset, father-in-law fecal incontinence, dripping on the floor, a mess. Lu Qiuping found immediately after the replacement of clothes for the father, to serve him lying on the bed, and then put on masks and gloves began to clean the floor. At that time, "51" holiday at home, his son silently watching her mother, the mother’s pay touched. Because the father of the attack without any warning, so they pay special attention to alert. The onset of the elderly couple scared. It was after midnight a severe winter, "bang" sound will be the couple awakened from a dream. Xu Yuming Yi Gulu jumped from the bed, "is not good, Abba it again." He said to the old man’s room. Lu Qiuping dressed up and went with him. Xu Yuming was wearing underwear, cotton sweaters, one knee, his hands clinging to the old man’s head, to avoid collision with the ground. Both husband and wife know that epilepsy is very cruel, if the attack occurs when the face down to the ground with a cramp in the head will be seriously injured and even suffocation. "Come on, you go get dressed." Lu Qiuping said with concern. "Don’t mind me, we put onto the Abba bed, cold ground." At that moment Xu Yuming could not take care of his body. The couple tried to become unconscious man carried to bed after emergency. Although the couple were very careful, but impossible to guard against. The most serious father disease is a 2007, when he was 79 years old, clavicle fracture needs surgery. At that time, he was due to pathology, drugs and age of the reasons for mental decline to three or four year old children in general, and lost the ability to express language and communication skills. The couple took turns to take care of the day and night. During the day, Lu Qiuping pour shit for his father. At night, a day of her husband to the hospital bed. Looked at her husband so hard, Lu Qiuping worried that said: "the time for this hospital is not a few days, you will be tired, we.相关的主题文章: