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To touch, love transmission of information – Sohu to give the baby touching each maternal massage for 15 minutes, to a little baby, for about 20 minutes, no more than 30 minutes. Once the baby feel enough, should immediately stop, generally 3 times a day is appropriate. Head massage gently massage head, and draw a smile on the baby lip with your thumb, the same way and then massage the lower lip. Chest massage hands on the baby on both sides of the costal margin, right to the baby to the right shoulder, and then restored. Left hand in the same way. Abdominal massage clockwise massage baby belly. Do not massage the area until the scab is removed. Back massage hands flat on the back of the baby, massage from the neck down, and then gently massage the muscles on both sides of the spine with the fingertips, and again from the neck to the sacral detour. Upper limb massage will baby hands, with one hand holding his arm, from the upper arm to the wrist gently squeeze, and then use your fingers to massage the wrist. Massage the other hand in the same way. The lower limb massage baby’s thigh, knee, leg and ankle from the thigh to gently squeeze, then massage the ankle and foot. In the premise of ensuring the ankle doesn’t hurt, with the thumb from the heel to toe massage.相关的主题文章: