Ali tried to repurchase the remaining shares of Ali group held by YAHOO-tonya mitchell

Ali tried to buy the remaining shares of sina group YAHOO Ali Francisco September 10th morning news, according to YAHOO submitted to the SEC documents show that the sale of U.S. Internet core business before YAHOO, Softbank had proposed in February this year, with YAHOO Japan and YAHOO’s U.S. business. Referring to a Alibaba repurchase plan proposal by Softbank, Alibaba Group buy YAHOO held half the remaining shares of Ali, six years, YAHOO’s annual reduction of shares of the Alibaba. In accordance with the provisions of the securities and Futures Commission, YAHOO to sell its core Internet business documents, the shareholders need to disclose all the acquisition of the board of directors received the proposal. The proposal received Softbank, YAHOO’s board of directors to discuss that the proposed merger with Softbank YAHOO’s stock price is the price premium, simultaneously selling shares of the Alibaba’s profit to pay huge taxes, so rejected Softbank’s proposal. Alibaba did not comment on this. 2012, Alibaba group cost $7 billion 100 million to repurchase half of the shares held by YAHOO Ali group. In May this year, the Alibaba to cash on hand $2 billion, plus Ali partner to invest $400 million to $74 per share repurchase holdings of Alibaba Group shares of softbank. At present, YAHOO holds a 15% stake in Alibaba group, Softbank in Ali group’s holdings of 28% shares. In the Alibaba before the listing, Softbank and YAHOO also promised annual shareholders’ meeting unanimously supported the proposed candidates for the board of directors of Alibaba partner.相关的主题文章: