Any was shown unfinished Suzy Jin Yubin sleeping shoulder dead zhuxianduowan

"Any" was shown unfinished Suzy Jin Yubin sleeping shoulder dead stills Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, "any attachment" by Jin Yubin [micro-blog], starring Suzy, but since its launch next to the old story acid gen, first heroine’s father was killed, the actor has announced a brain tumor, finally amnesia staged drama, let the fans expressed disappointment. The 8 series finale aired, the villain get retribution, Jin Yubin is more and more serious illness, even to the point of the story to amnesia, super acid dumbfounded, others back to God "you play any!" Jin Yubin as a star in the drama, childhood sweetheart Suzy love, but in the first set was declared terminally ill, and his biological father killed the heroine indirectly become father helper, plot blown shed blood. The drama for 20 episodes, the bad guys finally got what they deserved, Jin Yubin in the last episode on amnesia, but relying on a bowl of magical thinking of mother "drama, in PTT caused a heated discussion" what I see what "," arbitrary memory recovery with a bowl of soup". Finally, Jin Yubin slept in the show wisdom shoulder, the woman asked the 3 time to sleep?" He lost the disease death, is no "any dead", each plot to let the fans call dumbfounded, others joke said "the 20 sets of what I have seen what, admire his love of Suzy yu." ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: