AQSIQ sent mysterious buyers double checks 11 focus on mobile phones-winpm

Quality inspection administration sent special checks: 11 mysterious buyers double checks focused on the mobile phone client CCTV News reported on November 11th, today is the "double 11" Shopping Festival, in addition to businesses, consumers are busy business, regulators are also busy. This morning, AQSIQ held a news conference, announced the launch of the double 11 online shopping product quality supervision and spot checks, and for the first time revealed the mysterious buyers sampling process. Who is the mysterious buyer? In fact, the AQSIQ organized social volunteers, they are under the guidance of the General Administration of quality supervision, online shopping for specific products, and then feedback the quality of goods and shopping process. Conference, the AQSIQ and the Hangzhou quality supervision and Inspection Bureau of e-commerce product quality risk monitoring center of the video line. Monitoring center from 8 am this morning to buy samples, as of the end of the morning at 9, has bought a sample of 116 batches. The mysterious buyers of these products from the use of big data technology to the monitoring center, through extensive online shopping consumer reviews, grasping and analyzing the electronic commerce platform quality complaints and other information, eventually locked selling products. Recently, the monitoring center opened a new cloud notary laboratory, through the means of information technology, online sampling of samples in the form of video plus pictures in the form of deposit. Deputy director Zhang Qinrong revealed that the intelligent mobile phone, intelligent toilet dual focus on 11 special checks including online hot cover, children’s diapers, cashmere sweater, induction cooker, travel bags, inspection results will be released in a timely manner, substandard products will be required to take timely measures to deal with business platform. Deputy director of the State Administration of quality inspection Zhang Qinrong: to improve the quality of information interconnection mechanism of business enterprise, to maximize the squeeze bad business of fake and shoddy products and living space, so that the quality of the illegal dishonesty in the field of electronic commerce a dishonest, always limited". Quality inspection departments are promoting the establishment of risk monitoring, online checks, the origin, territorial investigation, credit management "of e-commerce product quality supervision mechanism, for the production of enterprises, business platform, government departments to build a platform for the exchange of information. Deputy director of the State Administration of quality supervision Zhang Qinrong: so that the electricity supplier platform companies to share the quality of illegal dishonesty blacklist, so that the quality of production enterprises in a timely manner to push illegal information clues to achieve online and offline linkage supervision. 2016 e-commerce product quality supervision and inspection pass rate reached 82.7%, compared with the same period in 2014 increased by 8.8 percentage points. Zhang Qinrong said that the quality of products sold in the future will continue to be the focus of supervision of aqsiq. Deputy director of the State Administration of quality inspection Zhang Qinrong: I hope that the major electricity supplier platform for enterprise e-commerce product quality strictly, and actively explore the establishment of e-commerce product quality traceability system, the implementation of the credit management of shop operators. Of e-commerce product quality problems found in time, and make sure the counterfeit products do not condone violations of quality, do not harbor. Original title: AQSIQ start double eleven spot checks for the first time the mysterious secret buyers"相关的主题文章: