Aries And Gemini Zodiac Sign Compatibility-ca1834

Astrology If you want an honest opinion about something, then don’t hesitate to ask someone born under the Aries Zodiac Sign. These individuals are very honest and straight forward. With an Aries, what you see is what you get. They don’t have any hidden agendas or ulterior motives for their acts of kindness. They love to have fun and are always on the go, ready to try new and exciting things. They are also very friendly, caring and usually have a large circle of friends because of this. Aries are very independent and don’t rely on anyone but themselves. They are highly driven and like the ram, they have the ability to overcome obstacles and climb great heights. Aries loves freedom and don’t like feeling trapped or caged in. They don’t mind living alone and can become isolated at times, just for the sake of some space. They are very intelligent and are highly drawn to people who can stimulate their mind. They can also talk for hours without getting bored. But be very careful what you say to an Aries because these individuals tend to be very sensitive and get their feelings hurt easily. Which sign is most compatible with Aries? The Gemini is said to be the most compatible sign. Those born under the Gemini Sign are very intelligent, friendly and very communicative. Their relationships usually start off as friendship and gradually works its way up into love. An Aries wouldn’t mind starting any relationship in friendship because it gives both a chance to get to know each other better and a great excuse to talk for hours, which both signs love to do! A Gemini does not like to keep secrets and will usually tell you how they feel. Aries will appreciate the sincerity of the Gemini. The youthful personality of this versatile sign can keep up with the high energy life style of an Aries. They will also love the spontaneous side of the Aries since the Gemini enjoys any change and excitement in their life. They are very caring and are able to relate to the opposite sex. The Geminis intelligence and zany humor will be sure keep an Aries mind stimulated and their heart forever full of joy. The only downside to this relationship is the Aries need to always be right and the Geminis strong opinions. But through good communication and lots of love and understanding, these two signs can actually live a long, happy and enjoyable life together. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: