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Autumn persimmon is a natural hangover medicine     a way of eating more people — the Qinghai channel — original title: Autumn persimmon is a natural hangover medicine eat more people keep saying "walnut dew dew autumn pear, persimmon red skin." Now is the season of persimmon, persimmon is rich in vitamins, and clearing heat and moistening lung, is a lot of people love to eat fruit. Do not look at the general is a kind of fruit, but there are a lot of stress on the law. You know how much to eat persimmon? Autumn persimmon persimmon is natural hangover medicine = "natural hangover medicine" in ancient times, has been used as effective food anti drunk and eliminate hangover. Persimmon in organic acid and tannic acid can promote digestion, accelerate the decomposition of alcohol; high sugar content and potassium content and a lot of water, have a diuretic effect, help the body excrete. Rich in vitamin C can enhance liver function, liver function. After drinking two persimmons, can alleviate the headache for second days. "Although the persimmon is rich in nutrition, taste sweet, but because of tannin, pectin, combined with acid or protein can form a persimmon stone, causing gastrointestinal diseases, therefore not fasting or eating too much." Fu Jinru pointed out. More than a persimmon persimmon persimmon persimmon is peeled, dried in the sun and air curing. Among them, "the best quality made of persimmon persimmon in Fuping", sold at home and abroad. Overall, the better than nutritional persimmon persimmon, many nutrients, including dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins are higher than persimmon. Every 100 grams of fresh persimmon 9 mg of calcium, and dried in the 54 mg; the iron content of fresh persimmon was 9 mg, and 21 mg of dried persimmon. Persimmon persimmon after processing, the content of vitamin A from 20 micrograms increased to 48 micrograms. However, vitamin C will be lost. In addition, more secure than fresh persimmon persimmon, persimmon skin contains a lot of tannic acid, and persimmon has been removed. In addition, the persimmon health is also more functional. Persimmon frost is surface carbohydrate precipitation in the production process, can treat dry throat pain, mouth sores, lung heat disease. After a meal to eat persimmon can be expectorant and nutrient rich, containing a variety of sugar, vitamins and trace elements. Professor Tian Zhengjian, director of respiratory medicine, Hubei Provincial Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital, persimmon also has the effect of clearing heat and moistening dryness, expectorant cough, is one of the most suitable health care of patients with chronic bronchitis. The weather suddenly cold, cold cough patients more, if the meal can eat a persimmon, have a very good role in adjuvant therapy of cough. The stomach can not eat persimmon skin injury medical research has proved that can cause damage to the stomach of the tannic acid in persimmon immature, in persimmon flesh and ripe persimmon, persimmon tannic acid will be concentrated in the skin, so mature persimmon skin will feel astringent taste. Persimmon contains tannic acid the substance in the role of gastric acid, will play a combination of sediment formation and persimmon stone protein in food, easy to cause abdominal discomfort, bloating, loss of appetite and other symptoms. Therefore, do not eat persimmons do not peel, do not eat persimmon fasting. Little knowledge how to eat persimmon 1 not hungry when eating. 2 do not eat too much at a time, eat one or two can)相关的主题文章: