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Baby May is still pregnant girls like to brag Huang Xiaoming long love – Entertainment Sohu Angelababy portrait of girl fan foot [Click to view photos]     Sohu entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, is 5 months pregnant Angelababy recently for a magazine cover shoot, the whole lot of plush toys to cover the belly, still girl flavor. She admits that she is a very emotional person, whether it’s right or wrong. Baby said bluntly, "I’m a very emotional person. When I was young, I liked Jay Chou! A few years ago began to like GD, I feel to have been loyal. As a fan, I am in the professional degree values of the 5 stars to star and husband of Huang Xiaoming, she said? "As I like to dress, I love long love, so you look at me with a good husband for so many years!" In addition, the public news of a pregnancy after Angelababy, many people wonder whether she will get off from the variety show "run it brother", one of many candidates being circulated on the Internet, including Zheng Shuang, Victoria Song, et al., but a senior variety show? As people said, Baby2017 will continue to run on the "5 men", "child it quickly recovered and recorded?", said her company understand, "she once replaced can’t come back", and television programs only low-key said: "to all the official news release shall prevail." [Huang Xiaoming Angelababy] – six years "in early 2009, during the Angelababy in the movie" city of love ", has been discovered and Huang Xiaoming met and fell in love quickly. In April 2010, there are two close friends to take photos of Shanghai, shortly thereafter, Huang Xiaoming filmed the music MV, without arousing suspicion, gossip girl protagonist. In June of the same year, Angelababy appeared in the film "orphan" visit Huang Xiaoming. Two more intimate attitude, eat an orange. 2011 – the lunar new year, two shooting "a debauch thing in Shenzhen" (TV film), and in Macao the new year, Huang Xiaoming to bring Angelababy to the store to buy diamond. In 2012, Huang Xiaoming made the "patriotism" period, Angelababy repeatedly goings, two people were shot down in a couple. In 2013, Huang Xiaoming served as the China "sound of dream" (watch) the judges during the times were partner Han Hong Angelababy ridicule and romance, the more air responded "I and my buddy are shocked". In February 13, 2014, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy and the man’s parents on vacation to Hawaii. February 28, 2014, coincides with the birthday of Angelababy, Huang Xiaoming finally generous hand girlfriend, admitted love. 05 November 2014 – Beijing, photographed wearing a big diamond ring Baby goose, apparently two good things. May 27, 2015 Qingdao licensing of marriage. In October 8, 2015, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy in Shanghai相关的主题文章: