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Writing-and-Speaking You may wonder whether you should publish a book using a traditional publisher or by self publishing. Before you decide, answer the 3 questions in this article. You’re writing a book (or thinking of writing one), and the biggest question on your mind is whether to self publish a book or look for a traditional publisher. But how do you choose? Thanks to modern technology, it is easier than ever to publish a book. This is both a blessing and a curse for the author who is considering which publishing method to choose. The good news is that there are more publishing options now than ever. The bad news is that there are more choices than ever. So how do you choose whether to self publish or seek traditional publishing? The three questions in this article will help you decide. Be sure to get crystal clear on your answers before proceeding. 1. What is the purpose for the book? Knowing your purpose for writing the book won’t in and of itself determine your publishing option, but without knowing your purpose, all other questions are moot. Why you are writing the book is absolutely the first thing to consider. Everything else flows from the "why." Because for one thing, without a strong purpose, you’ll probably never even finish writing a book let alone publish it. If your purpose has to do with a dream of being blockbuster author, prepare yourself for plenty of work no matter how you publish a book. 2. What is the outcome you want to attain with your book? Before looking at publishing options, it is a good idea to be clear about your goals for the book. Knowing the goal determines the steps you take. There are numerous possible goals an author could have for creating the book. Writing a book simply to tell a story is very different from writing it to generate leads for a business. And writing the book to prosper a charity is another goal entirely. Say your goal is extremely personal. An example would be telling the story of your family heritage to preserve it for future generations. Unless your family is noteworthy, the book is not likely to be something a traditional publisher would support. So write down your goal for the book before deciding publishing options. 3. What is your level of commitment to the book? No matter which way you go with publishing a book, it’s important to know how much time and energy you are planning to commit to the book once it’s published. If your notion is to get the book published and see what happens, you are treating your book’s success like a lottery ticket. Maybe you’ll hit it big. Maybe not. If you look at the results this way, don’t plan on gaining the support of a major publisher. If you are willing to throw yourself heart and soul into growing a following (which publishers call a platform) and promoting the book, you are likely to grow your reputation as an expert no matter which publishing option you choose. Get clear on your intentions before the book. Write down your desire, goals and expectations. Include your commitment, including time, energy and resources you will put into your book. Once you do this, you are ready to consider whether you will go through the arduous task of seeking a traditional publisher or whether you will self publish. About the Author: Do you dream of being a published author of your own book? 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