Beijing car community clean-up 70 cars will be temporary parking lot –

Beijing car community clean-up: 70 cars will be temporary parking lot – Beijing Zhang Na heard mother to move back to pick up the car after the "home" things "community" of the car is being towed (video screenshot) in November 25th, the Beijing Youth Daily reported a caravan camp xi’erqi sour "settled in the community" one thing, one family lived four generations of five people. In November 27th, BYD reporter learned that, in the afternoon, the camp in the RV tenants are required for. The boss told reporters that BYD, car will be temporarily placed in Changping a parking lot, how the future disposal will be planning. The scene a car being towed tenants find their own accommodation for 27 days, with tenants to reflect Beijing Youth Daily reporter, previously hot lead car parks have been temporarily water and electricity, and all the cars in the next few days will be towed away, no other tenants of the house only to find a house to live. According to BYD reported earlier, including a car in live siblings Zhang Na, Zhang and Zhang Dian Dian son, two people of the mother and grandmother of four generations of five people. 27, see BYD reporters rushed to the car parks, the Zhang Na family has been packed up to move. In the small living room, bedding and pillows were stacked on the side, placed next to a cabinet with two drawers, Zhang Na, grandmother of the age of 90 sat on the sofa. Zhang Na in a car, on a tricycle, also neatly stacked with a stack of quilts, clothes, kitchen utensils and the door is littered with debris in life. Zhang Na and Zhang Dian is not at home, Zhang Na told BYD reporters said they were looking outside the house. And that the water and electricity news home, working outside is the mother of Zhang Na back to the camp, "the girl to go to the house, I hurried back to tidy up at work." According to the residents of Jiang Qinglian, two in the afternoon in the car suddenly without water blackout. According to the notice previously posted Yuan Garden Baiwang Park show that households in November 23rd to 30 for cleaning the individual items on their own move, fails to move the water and electricity in December 1st. Why take measures in advance of the park, the tenants said they did not know. In the evening, BYD reporter saw the camp last row has a car was towed away, leaving a space. One of the residents of BYD reporters, the car is around 14:40 in the afternoon by a car towed. The car was towed to where tenants also said temporarily not clear. Resident Jiang Qinglian told reporters on the BMC, you will pick up valuables in the evening, returned to Beijing Nancheng house, the car in the future how to dispose of, Jiang Qinglian said there is no specific idea, "heard that they will find a place for car, after do not know how to arrange." The Zhang Na family is currently no other residence. Zhang Na’s mother said, if the house is not found, then there is no heating facilities in the car has been off for a second night, "don’t know what time the car will be towed away and towed to where." After the negotiation, the park restoration of water supply, and give the tenants three days to move away from the car. Zhang Na to Lin相关的主题文章: