Beijing reading season summer activities highlights read the cultural character of the city c

Beijing reading season summer activities highlights   read the cultural character of the city culture and original title: Beijing reading season summer activities highlights are frequent sixth scholarly China? Beijing reading season starts since April this year, has accumulated in the city to co-ordinate the activities of thousands of games, including all kinds of cultural space held in the famous reading forum, reading theme tour, history salon, turn Beijing into a city of reading. In different time periods, Beijing reading season activities also have different emphases, such as in the past summer, the organizers to commemorate the 95 anniversary of the founding 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march and the opportunity to establish "the red classics + Social Science Literature" theme, in the city has organized hundreds of reading activities, which only focus on activities there are hundreds of games, launched a large number of readers to participate in the "reading + I" action plan to. Strung a runway book worth mentioning is that, in addition to regular salons, lectures, readers will meet, in order to further promote the readers love reading, reading Beijing season is also planning some stronger sense of form, reading experience more activities, such as "book" books, run "walk", trying to combine reading with Beijing’s historical and cultural landmarks, let the reader in a different way to reading, reading experience, body and mind and get full. In early July, "quiet run" in the first quarter of Xicheng District, Xihua officially launched the study, attracted nearly 50 fans to participate in running, reading, they started from the Xihua study, through art 8, Wing Yan Lou bookstore, shadow Hotel reading space to Beijing brick reading space series from a runway in between the 5 reading books and art space. Senior runners "small talk" is the book run "plan one of the sponsors, a source of creativity, she said:" this is a few years from entity bookstore business is not good news, some people complained that they could not find the bookstore in Beijing bookstore and many, but because of a lack of publicity channels, so less known. We hope that through this activity let everyone know how some of these shops, is not to say that everyone in the process of running to the bookstore to read, it is important to know the bookstore, later can be friends and come around." To a profound cultural heritage of another novel "masters of creative activities to show you around Beijing" through "reading and walking", by renowned scholars led the people to visit Beijing, celebrities and historical places of historic interest and scenic beauty, in-depth understanding of the history of Beijing, the people of society, promote understanding of reading, let the public to share the beauty of reading. The event has been organized for 3 times, the largest number to find Xiangshan Culture "at that time, dozens of readers from the dean of Renmin University of China Sun Yu led from Shuangqing villa, Biyun Si, see Shinsaibashi to Xiangshan college along the way, a vivid description and explanation and field visits, let everyone make full use of Xiangshan culture. Listening to the teacher talked about Cao Xueqin Sun Yu live in Xiangshan the creation of "a dream of Red Mansions" the story "Cao Xueqin biography" and recommend a book, a reader said excitedly back must buy the book to read, "personal feelings after reading, understanding of the text will be more accurate, more in place". Read out the city text相关的主题文章: