Big marry fashion Yang Zi funny than reproduction upgrade version of the Qiu Yingying winbook

"Marry" Yang Zi fashion funny than Qiu Yingying reproduced upgraded version of Sina entertainment news directed by renowned director Ceng Xiaoxin, Yang Zi, Qiao Zhenyu [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Athena Chu, [micro-blog], is an et al starring multi dimension marriage drama "marry" is Liaoning TV hit in fashion. Yang Zi plays the female one summer burning, fresh CP a break age difference staged a smile tears flying love comedy and high value of Yan Qiao Zhenyu. Under the impact of each other, Yang Zi is a full unlock funny than the property, the strong will not be affected by the image of the female man was both true and funny. The incarnation of Yang Zi career woman character versatility in the ultimate interpretation of "marry" fashion, Yang Zi plays the female lead – Gold Wedding Planner all-powerful summer burning, in the workplace, to help many courtship success, ever-victorious is invincible, the industry called "burning love expert". In the workplace, summer burning and strong, confident high-profile, with the strength to face looked down upon his own people; in life, she is more representative of the new era, women’s economic independence thinking towards the feelings are also conform to no conventional pattern, their own unique insights. Because the former boyfriend abandoned marriage and fled, met in a strange combination of circumstances of plastic surgery department tongue doctor Jin Zhihao (Qiao Zhenyu ornaments), and began a funny love easily. Unruly but capable of working life full of multiple personalities switched freely, shuttling to the goddess man, Yang Zi will be the character of the versatility summer burning interpretation to the extreme. The ancient enemy CP, the most drama friends talked about, Yang Zi and mother quarrel alone after drunk, inadvertently came to the male residence fajiufeng, depressed heart will worry all vent in the male body unwitting, instead of a drunken summer burning hate, but more adorable little. Due to the two horror black tears tears, has become netizens widespread expression package material. In the interview, Yang Zi said that two black terror is her own tears added, in order to more comedy. And so on the scene, more than once played in the drama, Yang Zi for acting freely, for a profound understanding of the role, for the summer burning this role gives the more diverse elements, add a lot of contrary to expectation highlights. This is reminiscent of the Qiu Yingying classic role she played before, when it is fully the adorable little earthworm familiar, but summer burning more wit than Qiu Yingying, more capable, more strong, more courageous, users simply called her "upgrade" Qiu Yingying. Yang Zi with ten years of time, gradually let the audience forget the girl next door snow, which is ten years, she has been trying to hone acting, and strive to do not let yourself be affixed to the inherent label, works also gradually revealed the reality and drama "positive" style. During the filming of Qingyun Zhi, Yang Zi said that "the role of Lu Xueqi, the most difficult is not off the wire, not practicing moves, but how to carry the burden idol, a high performance cold and not be in the side of the Lu Xueqi," the fact that she did, from the eyes revealed a clear Qingyun Lu Xueqi received Swordswomen widely praised users. In the face of summer burning, and she tore up the image into high cold, careless workplace bones.相关的主题文章: