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"Binnn" released the classic series of   exposure; five things to know in advance — entertainment channel — Binnn and Sarah m brothers rupture the film side for Hollywood epic "Binnn" (Bun-Hur) October 10th blockbuster release. The film side today also simultaneously released a blockbuster video version, "Binnn" and the 1959 film version of the lens shear mixing, draw the outline of the story of revenge drama. Binnn and Sarah m brothers killed in love with friendship, five years of slavery shipwreck to survive cruel, cruel cruel Roman rule, people worship for honor and victory, just 1 minutes and 54 seconds of the video, lead the viewer through time return to the classic, "understand the eternal charm of Binnn" for fifty-seven years. In the classical feelings is dense, five major movie "Binnn" the early exposure. One point: the classic IP revenge drama arena to reproduce the screen reproduction spirit "Binnn" has previously produced multiple versions, 1907 and 1925 are each edition of silent film, 1959 American director William Wheeler filmed? "Binnn" is the most legendary, won thirty-second Oscar nominations twelve, eventually won the best film, director, actor 11 awards, a record Oscar has the highest winning record in history. The new version of "Binnn", full of tension, muscular strength and muscular male beauty, built in ancient Rome different from the Greek spirit aura. Ben Hur and Sarah meters showdown, Chung is warmly shake and the original desire for life, not what is killed in battle more worthy of respect, this is a matter of freedom and honor the spirit of the ancient Colosseum, in different times, can interpret the different taste. Part two: "the speed and passion of war horse racing grand majestic ancient Rome version"! The movie "Binnn", the wronged persecuted Jewish prince, was sold to slave ships, when five years of toil to bottom, a shipwreck to return to freedom, and Iam in Iraq (Morgan Fawkes at the end of the Emirates?) under the help, through a war carriage race to have brother meters Sarah revenge for oppressed people for freedom. The last horse car race fragment ten minutes of the climax of the movie is, on the one hand, the lens is filled with brutality between life and death, the horse stepped on, dragging the body as brothers showdown broke out forced exciting force. "War chariot races are really extreme sports of that era, although we get inspiration from the NASCAR and F1 car, but riding a four horse horse more than they too dangerous. I was in the studio once tried to drive it, really, really terrible." The director gave Bekmambetov memories still haunt?. The movie as Ben Hur Jack? Houston is grew up together with the horse, but when it comes to shoot this scene is called: "this is one of my experience in this life the most powerful surge of adrenaline." Three things: a strong visual impact of naval ships collision "as the film" Binnn "at the scene" in two climax, a horse race, is another battle. King of the Jews相关的主题文章: