Business school students win double eleven battlefield of Higher Vocational students jiuyaogan

Business school students win "double eleven" students "battlefield" enterprise school students win "double eleven" students "battlefield" "double eleven" period, Zhejiang Textile and Fashion College School of business cooperation electricity supplier training base, 957 college students are strengthening practical skills and business training, knocking on the keyboard. Meet the "double eleven shopping festival. Wang Guohai taken his eyes staring the screen of the computer mouse and keyboard non-stop operation, switching back and forth in the Ali Wangwang and Taobao. This "double eleven" is coming, many people sitting in front of the computer, the shopping spree "campaign" in the end. However, Ningbo College of Vocational Technology Business School of business and management professional sophomore Xu Yang need to keep doing this in the "double eleven" period, and many students participate in the "chop hand war", he is arranged in the school, joined the "double eleven" sales war. Student: the most busy one minute sixty or seventy pop "some occupation fake people, because of the" double eleven "many people take this opportunity for you to talk, if you make a commitment to what is not the same, with the actual situation of goods, they will be targeted, so be careful." Xu Yang to introduce him to the past few days, he just learned electricity supplier customer service experience. Entered in November, with more than 200 students, and he began to participate in the business, network marketing practices course institute and opened Romon group cooperation. To the interests of the guests, how to speak, how to operate the platform, how to use the client to communicate with others, as well as how after-sales service, these teachers have explained." Chen Sijia, who also participated in the actual combat exercises. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the most fresh Xu Yang is the actual e-commerce. No contact before, although there are mentioned in the course, but there is no special study of e-commerce in this area." We mainly do Taobao customer service, in the pre-sale this piece." Xu Yang said, at the beginning, let us pick up a shortcut, you can answer some of the questions, how to operate the online system." Due to the large amount of business double eleven period, 3 days ago, the students need to be divided into several groups three shifts, 8 hours a day or so, some enterprises pay labor remuneration. Busy time for a second Wangwari will pop sixty or seventy pop, has not been previously exposed, first as a seller or some confused." As Xu Yang’s sister, marketing professional Shen Jianer last year to participate in the exercises to remember. "Taobao on many issues we can not give an accurate answer, for example, the express a few days to be able to, we can only say that a range, ‘probably’ ‘perhaps’, we can only use the word." Before participating in the actual combat exercises, Shen Jianer did not expect Taobao customer service needs so much attention. Because of not careful, she was almost a customer complaint. There is a piece of clothing is the pre-sale, was sold out, but there is a customer money has been paid, the background is not shipped, showing no stock." Shen Jianer told the customer directly相关的主题文章: