Cai Yingwen to visit the typhoon response staff read 2 minutes after leaving the draft-masa-c

Cai Yingwen visited the typhoon response personnel down to read the draft 2 minutes after leaving Beijing in September 27, according to the Taiwan news network reported that the typhoon "catfish" storm has hit land in the morning, the morning of 9, Taiwan leader Cai Yingwen, the administrative agency responsible person to inspect the whole forest disaster response center, after hearing the report of each department, Cai Yingwen encourage each unit personnel, we toil, we all saw it." But during her speech, almost at the ready manuscript down according to read aloud, takes about 2 minutes to leave the scene a flash, startled by the media. Cai Yingwen said, the typhoon "Meranti" just left, the disaster has not yet recovered, "catfish" typhoon is toward to hope that the relevant units prepared to meet the challenge. Everyone’s hard work, we all see." Cai Yingwen special thanks to the first line of police, Taiwan water, Taiwan maintenance personnel, is responsible for the public transport of Taiwan Railway, high-speed rail personnel and Taiwan army, and called for more active management personnel. Cai Yingwen warned that the local government should pay attention to the water pump in low-lying areas for debris flow, prevention of potential areas to evacuate, and at any time with the "central" cooperation, sharing of information and resources, and the "general mobilization, together to challenge the typhoon." Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: