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Chen Danqing: "I head a blank, the old man did not, those who survive and how to do?" [Abstract]1982 in the fall of Chen Danqing Muxin in New York, now for over 30 years. Mr. Muxin died, leaving a large number of manuscripts and paintings, but before he could tell us how to deal with, Chen Danqing said with emotion: Alas, I can’t ask him again. The homepage bacteria had done a test, ask you to "live" view, remember the derogatory majority, broadcast and reading seems to be misfits. At that time, the lack of confidence, have to say: the live ideal country, may not be the same. This two or three months, we have repeatedly discussed, test the technology, and finally implemented in will and "Tencent news" a series of video collaboration, Chen Danqing was the first to eat crab people, the two live, yet perfect, is our first assignment. Live show then there are strict, Cai Guoqiang and Liang Hong different style, in our view, regardless of how to change the media, we do the same thing: Publishing valuable content. I hope I can live up to your expectations. After this video is based on the text of the two live broadcast, looking at the system, scattered, screenshots are not clear, I do not know if you have the patience to read. The homepage bacteria finishing, is rapidly trapped in a calm mood. You can be in the news video, video of the two Tencent Tencent App search "Muxin stories to watch. 1 finishing Muxin posthumous "quarrel with the world of genius, a genius can not afford to foot to the ground." "The poet want to go to Italy, they can often be heard in the chapter on Bio read dante. But they not arty, come true. The poet, of course, there is a thief." "That’s how it takes us back to the early days of youth." "The torch held in front of the back of the clarinet." – Muxin ^ "Xiao Yang and Xiao Dai that night to take care of Mr. overnight. If they have any need, they will jump up and help him. So the two person says that tonight you’re here, another person will go to the memorial hall villas is the night. At that time, we go after Mr. young, only two of them live in the. Dark in the night." "Later, I learned that the younger generation, since he went to Tongxiang, bought a knife and put it under his pillow. He said if someone wanted to come in, I’d fight him." Chen Danqing: "in the process of finishing work, what do you feel?" Kuang Wenbing: "sometimes it’s going crazy. Sometimes in front of conscientiously write a text, phone number on the back of his account, copy, page number…… I don’t know what money is…… Then he sometimes wrote the article, painted a number of telephone lines, led to a section of the lead to another, we have to repeat. To make matters worse, he is a lot of pages, we can not classify. The front and the back are full, and sometimes it’s not the same as the one on the page." "Chen Danqing:" the first two characters: Bill, this is his books, this is very normal. Lu Xun’s diary, or, most of his books, books, diaries. You see, here is your head or Huang Fan mark, called the "Wuzhen full of small. You see,.相关的主题文章: