China view days giant eye fast open! The world’s largest radio telescope, receiving 13 billion 700 m-stand by me shinee

China view days giant eye FAST open! The world’s largest radio telescope, receiving 13 billion 700 million light-years away – electromagnetic signal Pingtang County of Guizhou province Qiannan Buyi Autonomous Prefecture Science and technology Sohu Tai Wo Taipa depression, FAST, namely 500 m-diameter spherical crown active reflection spherical radio telescope, in over five years of experience in the construction and debugging, finally completed enable, towards the stage of trial operation. In September 24th, FAST detection of core components of the cabin, the first mobile test range, making the final preparations for the completion of the mission. September 25th, the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences led the construction of the world’s largest diameter radio telescope will be completed. This means that, from the China can use his telescope to listen to the radio waves from deep space exploration, the universe and life changes, extraterrestrial star. In 1994, astronomers have proposed the idea to build China "eye" 500 m diameter spherical radio telescope project. From the pre built lasted 22 years, which is of independent intellectual property rights in China, the world’s largest and most sensitive single aperture radio telescope. CCTV news summary four unique skills: FAST large caliber, see far. Able to receive 13 billion 700 million light years away from the electromagnetic signal flexible and free giant eye. The world’s largest single caliber, the most sensitive. Mm accuracy. Test three years later, the error is not more than 1 mm deep space hunter. "Eye" project chief engineer and chief scientist Nan Rendong, with the help of the huge eye in the sky, researchers can interact on interstellar communication between the observation of dark matter, the determination of black hole mass, even search for possible alien civilizations. The FAST consists of 4450 triangular panels. The FAST was built, the largest radio telescope in the world already have two: one is the so-called ground biggest machine the Bonn 100 meter telescope, is a human being named in twentieth Century the first ten projects of the Arecibo 300 meter telescope. And after the completion of FAST, its sensitivity will be about 10 times higher than Germany, 100 m telescope compared with the United States; the Arecibo 300 meter telescope, to improve the overall performance of about 2.25 times. The increase in exposure and the grandeur of the FAST make more and more people interested in visiting FAST. Adjacent to the FAST of a mountain, the local government to attract investment to build a viewing platform, and plans to open a cableway, cable car, tram. Through the observation deck of the highway in the near future will also through the convenience of tourists of "eye". At present, the government has been in Pingtang county 5 kilometers away from the town of FAST grams, create a popular astronomical tourism cultural park. Around science, science, tourism supporting the astronomical town is also under construction. It is understood that the "eye" after the operation, will also carry out a series of international cooperation in scientific research, parameter correction and state adjustment but also need a period of time before this, in order to achieve the best results. The future, FA?相关的主题文章: