China’s first unmanned air routes Huzhou first flew straight line distance of 10 kilometers nrf905

China’s first unmanned air routes Huzhou first flew straight line distance of 10 kilometers at 10:20 yesterday morning, Anji County town of Hang Gai electricity supplier Alliance Service Center, a six axis UAV took off slowly. After more than and 10 minutes, the air line distance 10 kilometers outside the town seven village outdoor fitness field ushered in the unmanned aircraft, such as stop, the village postman Chen Yong to receive the parcel. In this way, the first single UAV successfully completed. Anji postal branch general manager Zhang Lifeng told reporters, this means that the first flying Chinese postal delivery UAV flight route announcement, seven village became the first post UAV delivery point. It is reported that this UAV load 5 kg, the longest mileage of 20 km, the entire cloud can be monitored. "Come quickly, too soon!" Chen Yong issued a sigh after receiving the package. He said, before is transport by car delivery to seven village postal delivery point, again from here by him from door to door mail sent to villagers in the hands, not only consume the manpower, not on time delivery. Seven village is located north of Anhui province and Hanggai Town, at the junction, surrounded by mountains, located 15 km from the town government, traffic inconvenience. According to the Anji branch of the postal market Chen Kangliang estimates, the original use of car transport delivery, light transport costs to 30 yuan each time, not the driver’s wages. The use of unmanned aerial vehicle delivery, as long as 3 dollars per kilogram, transportation costs saved by half. "The first UAV routing in our Hanggai town will bring convenience for me, the villagers in the town." Hanggai town mayor Xia Liang introduced that the UAV route opened, will bring new vitality and prospects for e-commerce and local logistics industry. "We will also open to the UAV route, Shang Shu Xiang Dong Ling Cun, Tianhuangping town Daxi village." Zhang Lifeng said, Anji affected by many points, wide, the depth of the service, still can not fully meet the requirements of full coverage and delivery frequency. The UAV route operation, help to improve the Anji postal service level, to promote the profound changes in the courier business, especially the lower mountain postman operating costs, effectively solve the problem of "rural delivery of last mile".相关的主题文章: