Chinese college students 10 seconds to break Google phones! Earn 1 million 450 thousand

Chinese college students 10 seconds to break Google phones! Made 1 million 450 thousand days ago, the world’s top hacking contest Mobile Pwn2Own 2016 in Tokyo ended in japan. Tencent Cohen laboratory with 45 points and a bonus of $215000 won the title, won the "The Master of Pwn" (break Master title). The champion team of the main players in two from the Zhejiang University College of computer, where Qidan Zhejiang University graduate, currently working in Tencent Cohen laboratory; Liu Gengming is a senior, the main direction of information security. The title was announced, Zhejiang University cc98 forum presented a 10 page post, alumni of the two "hackers" Daniel endless worship. Pwn2Own is the world’s leading hacker contest, organized by the famous Micro security Zero Trend Day Initiative. The Mobile Pwn2Own in Tokyo focus on the security issues of mobile operating systems, mobile browser and mobile application APP. The purpose of the game is to hope that the participants through some previously unknown vulnerabilities to invade a variety of mobile devices, and then report to the appropriate equipment manufacturers, so that they can repair and repair these vulnerabilities. These do good "hackers" also known as "white hat hacker". Because the game is the focus of the mobile terminal, so the target is aimed at smart phone players. They will be iPhone 6S, Google Nexus 6P and Galaxy S7 as the hardware target, to achieve access to the phone’s internal sensitive information to the phone to install malicious applications, firmware and crack three attacks. Tencent Cohen laboratory was the first to get Google Nexus 6P. They succeeded in installing malicious apps in Nexus 6P, which earned them a $102500 bonus and 29 points. Subsequently, the team also installed malicious applications in iPhone 6S. But it failed to carry the most commonly used mobile phone repair – restart. So, this is only half a success, there are $60000 bonus, but no points. The last one, they attacked the iPhone 6S again, resulting in mobile phone photos leaked. In this way, Tencent Cohen laboratory final score of 45 points and $215000 bonus to become the game’s The Master of Pwn". In the game, there is a data being talked about by outsiders. It took only ten seconds for the team to break Nexus 6P remotely. It sounds like an impossible task. But in fact, the attack code is already ready before the game, the game is to operate. Some people likened it to, you first at home to write PPT, and then to the scene speech. The outcome depends on the quality of your PPT, rather than the number of seconds to speak PPT. Tencent Cohen laboratory was founded in January 2016, its members mainly from the famous Keen security research team Team. A set of data on the lab’s official website shows him.相关的主题文章: