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China mainland tourists consumption reduction on Enterprises: impact of Asia – Beijing, Beijing, September 19 Xinhua Hongkong "Sing Tao Daily reported, CASIO overseas sales department senior general manager of the mountain and to the products said after the press conference, this year sales performance generally Asian markets were compared with the previous slip, including market Japan and Hong Kong and Macao, the main reason is due to the drop in sales, China mainland tourists consumption decrease. Under the mountain and the finger, the company continues to expand the scale of business in a difficult environment, plans to expand the retail network in Hongkong market. He described the Hongkong market matures, consumers focus on watch function. The group in the performance report at the end of March this year, also announced to enter Hongkong duty-free shops in fiscal year 2017, retail floor. CASIO refers to the first quarter of 2017 group net sales fell 5.2% year-on-year, to 74 billion 300 million yen, net profit fell 4.2% to 2 billion 400 million yen, down due to the strong yen. Under the mountain and in response to the Japanese yen soared to all Japanese companies have a negative impact, at this stage can only try to reduce production costs, do not expect the exchange rate fluctuations affect the final price. But if the yen continues to strengthen, the company needs to adjust pricing.相关的主题文章: