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Chinese Youth Daily: legislative restrictions — actors feasible media — original title: legislative restrictions feasible if the actor with the actors fee paid higher tax rates increased significantly, so the production unit will be found to take high paid actor too high tax cost, will try to control the actors. The day before, the NPC Standing Committee on the film industry promotion bill more than the National People’s Congress Standing Committee called for governance "price paid". Commissioner Dong Zhongyuan said, according to the actor’s price paid, the law should make a difference from the law clearly stipulates that all actors in a movie movie, the movie all shall not exceed a maximum of 30% of production costs. (the "Beijing News" August 31st) for a star actor "price paid", public opinion field view is divided. On the one hand, the industry (mainly to director, screenwriter) that the actors fee is too high, will reduce the screenwriter, scenery, props and other aspects of the investment, causes the works crudely made. Allegedly, in the United States, actors generally accounted for the production cost is below 30%, but in the country, this figure is often more than 50%. On the other hand, some people think that actors is the spontaneous formation of the market, the actor is the main security ratings and box office, star actors for works of a great role in promoting, etc.. In fact, the problem of high actors both market factors, there are also non market factors. It is necessary for us to carry out legal and administrative intervention when we rely solely on the power of the market to make the industry better. Of course, the law can not be too careful, too rigid rules, or may go to another extreme. By law the movie paycheck accounted for the proportion of the total investment, in fact, is not in line with market rules. In the law, we can establish a progressive tax limit "reasonable price paid". Just imagine, if the actor with the fee increase, the tax rate increased significantly, so the production unit will be found to actor paycheck will take high tax cost is too high, they will find a way to control the actors. For example, in some European Football League, due to the high cost of tax, the club will not be able to easily pay the big star. However, the tax burden of Chinese stars in the world, but also in the operation of tax avoidance means. Secondly, we must focus on the trade associations to play the role of self-regulation. If the actors fee is too high, harm the sustainable development of the industry, industry associations should play a corrective role. In 2008, the South Korean TV Drama Association had set off a wave of lead actor was Kwon Sang Woo, Song Seung and Choi Jiwoo, Han and other front-line, in association for self drop fee. Another example of the sports industry, the NBA also has a salary cap restrictions. Again, the star actor’s strength comes from the excessive pursuit of the audience. So, is the taste of the audience completely natural? This is not the case, to a large extent, some television stations, production companies deliberately guide. Especially young fans, their value orientation plasticity is very strong. Therefore, we should focus on the role of administrative intervention to guide the production of single相关的主题文章: