Chongqing Figo Luobadilai Chongqing here can encounter superstar (Figure)

Chongqing: Figo Luobadilai Chongqing here can encounter superstar (Figure) business reporter Liao Weiwei Chongqing daily news the evening of September 24th 7:30, Chongqing SUNAC "homage to the legendary" – 2016 South American VS European all star football feast will be held in Chongqing Olympic Sports Center, Figo, Ronaldinho, Battie and other more than 30 players, will start arriving in Chongqing in September 23rd. Encounter a place: Jiangbei airport. 23 morning, Hainan Airlines flew from Rome to Chongqing on a flight with, Dino ·, Schillaci Giuly Baggio and other 7 players. As one of the leaders of the event, Rivaldo will arrive in Chongqing at around 23 o’clock in the evening of the day, the time of arrival in Chongqing, Battie is at noon on the 24. Place two: Chongqing International Conference center. Like Rivaldo and Ferreira and other star fans, can be 24 in the morning at 9, to the Chongqing International Conference Center to meet with them. They will participate in the financial record China "Sun Yue walking" Chongqing Railway Station activities. Encounter place three: Binjiang, one of the financial record. 25, at about 10 a.m., fans will meet in Binjiang on the 1st. By then, Chongqing fans will face to face with Ronaldinho, Battie and other masters football, football legend to tell their stories. By September 23rd, the fans can focus on Chongqing financial record WeChat public number, to participate in the activities of the 3 day afternoon to grab tickets to win this meeting tickets.相关的主题文章: