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"Crime" of China and South Korea " bilingual " disease; behind   crime drama still minefields – media – original title: "bilingual disease" behind, is the subject of the minefield that does not mean that a policy can have countermeasures, this crime drama fan open the window. Seemingly open, actually has clear boundaries. The website network score 7.5, playing a total amount of 371 million times, network drama "mystery crime division" record can be distinguished. In a round of applause, in fact, there are no flaws can not be ignored. Play, reasoning expert Tang Shuoyin girlfriend was killed in South Korea, in cooperation with the South Korean police, a step by step to uncover the mystery of the secret room murder. Although the story is set to the case occurred in South Korea, but also in the Han Shuo Tang exchange experience, but he and the South Korean police for a while while Chinese between Korean exchanges, and broadcast clearly to the mouth, really let some people play. Because of shooting in both China and South Korea, the great Chinese reasoning expert cracked the case also occurred in South Korea, whether China actors speak Korean, or let the South Korean actor Chinese said, can not avoid the embarrassment of "bilingual" disease. And this year, the crime mystery moved abroad taken examples are not uncommon, from before the hit movie "Chinatown Holmes", to the recent on-line network drama "crime" the "ten sins", almost all the viewfinder on the overseas. There appears to be a coincidence, but the reason the last ditch. The domestic film crime drama, has been stalled for some years, everyone for having heard it many times TV works or ten years ago, the "case of six groups" and "red" in the first series of women’s crime. Then the domestic TV market, the criminal crime subject almost disappeared, mostly because of difficulties over the trial. The scale of these two years of network play a little loose, only the background of the relative overhead of the dark. But even so, crime network drama also has a "minefield crime division" five hundred director on a similar theme of "psychological" crime because of screen slightly bloody, the image of the police is not positive, but once the shelf adjustment. So, it is not difficult to understand "crime" of "bilingual disease", the plot of the concentration performance chamber murder, whether it is the modus operandi or the scene of the murder, and the current reality has once Chinese corresponding, will inevitably cause a panic. The case, the characters and the background are set in the overseas, naturally more insurance, the case can not only play in accordance with the needs of the arts, but also to dispel the concerns of the competent authorities. However, this does not mean that there can be a policy on the game, the network drama to open the window of the subject of crime, seemingly open, but in reality there is a clear limit. Crime drama still need to explore the rules, what is what is the bloody violence, how to consider the audience perception, how does not induce crime, is an important research topic. (Li Xiazhi) (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: