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"Crysis" engine effect diagram so real worthy card crisis, Crysis 3 area in the PC are in the minds of many game player, "Crysis" series always represents the highest level of PC of the game, so the series were dubbed "the generation game player who card crisis", the really pressed out limit each time the PC end function. However, although there is no island crisis 4, the news, but we can still glimpse the next generation graphics crisis in the end can bring us what kind of picture. 2007 first "Crysis" picture of a man named "Damian Stempniewski" foreign artists recently participated in the new "Crysis" engine experiments, and share some pictures, look at the material and shadow on the engine has a further rise, for the treatment of vegetation and water as in the past of violence in some scenes, there is almost no way to tell what is the photo or picture rendering. Damian said these are immediately rendered screenshots, but he did not publish any relevant Demo, but this picture has enough to remind all of their interest in the game player for the next generation of "crisis" of the island, the scenery is so beautiful as who would linger. Island crisis engine rendering: more + more popular news + related Raiders相关的主题文章: