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UnCategorized Bullying is when someone, or a group of people, upset or create a risk to another person’s health and safety – either psychologically or physically – or their property, reputation or social acceptance on more than one occasion (Department of Education and Early Child Development, Victoria). How Should Schools Manage Bullying One method being suggested to manage incidents of bullying in schools is to use the approach of ‘shared concern’. The process of ‘shared concern’ will be discussed below: Bullying and National Safe Schools Framework The Method of Shared Concern is recommended by the National Safe Schools Framework. The key to stopping bullying is getting those involved to talk about what is happening and decide on some ways to overcome the problem. The Friendly Schools and Families Program recommends school use the Method of Shared Concern to encourage children to talk about bullying incidents. Parents can also use this strategy at home. The Method of Shared Concern aims to change the behaviour of students who are bullying and to improve the situation for the student being bullied. This method helps students to develop empathy and concern for others and give them strategies to help them get along better with others in the school and at home. Staff in schools should be trained to use the Method of Shared Concern. What Happens in Shared Concern? – Individual meetings are held with each of the students involved in the bullying incident: the students or students bullying, the person being bullied and any bystanders who may have seen what was happening. – Each student is asked about the problem and to suggest ways he or she personally could help to improve the situation. – The student being bullied is also given the opportunity to discuss what happened and encouraged to think of ways to improve the situation. – There are follow-up meetings, discussions and planning that give students the opportunity to change and improve attitudes and behaviours and to put these into practice in a supportive environment. As a parent it is important to keep open communication with the school and your child’s teacher if you have concerns around the issue of bullying. Encourage your children to share what actually happens to them and reward them for their honesty. If there is a problem with your children at school, try to work together with the teachers to overcome the problem. This shows a committed partnership between parents and the school to work towards positive solutions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: