December 30th and after the internet ticket pre-sale period to 30 days zhongguorentiyishu

And after December 30th internet ticket pre-sale period is adjusted for 30 days yesterday, the reporter learned from the MuDanJiang Railway Station, Internet, telephone and mobile phone client train ticket pre-sale period is 60 days, but because of the new part of the upcoming opening of operations, the railway sector will adjust the train diagram, and after December 30th ticket pre-sale period is adjusted for 30 days, and before December 29th normal ticket sale. In other words, want to buy new year’s Day train tickets may be small partners and so on. It is understood that the railway ticket Internet pre-sale period for 60 days (including the day). According to the announcement, December 30th and after the ticket pre-sale period is adjusted to 30 days, before and after the normal sale of tickets in December 29th. If the passengers choose the Internet booking, starting in December 1st to buy tickets in December 30th, the choice of the ticket window is more than two days later than the Internet ticket. According to regulations, the Internet, mobile phone client, telephone booking for 30 days, the station, outlets, vending machines for 28 days in December 3rd December 30th, the purchase tickets at the station ticket only, and so on. For more details, please notify the station or 12306 railway customer service website, the public need to arrange reasonable, so as not to delay the trip.相关的主题文章: