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Crafts-Hobbies Air dry clay is a clay mix that does what it says on the packet, leaving it out in the air is the main way of setting the clay. It is generally very easy to use and tends to have a fine grain making it easily pliable. Once the clay is dry it dries very solid, however extra clay can still be added after the drying process has been .pleted. Air dry clay can be used to make a variety of different objects. It can be used for pottery or crockery but for decorative use only as any water or liquids added may destroy your creation. It can be used to make ornaments or jewellery and can be painted or glazed upon .pletion. Air dry clay takes around 24 hours to dry, with the drying time depending on the thickness of the product made. It is generally certified as non-toxic, but always check the packaging for safety advice. With the current climate focusing on energy bills, the popularity of air dry clay is rising. Because it does not need to be fired in a kiln it is a great way to be creative without incurring rising costs. Normal clay working techniques apply very well to working with air dry clay. Rolling, kneading and pinching, even the embedding of various objects will work on this clay, leaving the creative possibilities open to the artist. The best way to work with the clay otherwise known as paper clay is with slightly wet hands, kneading the clay until it is soft and manageable. If you find that the clay begins to dry out simply add a touch of water to the mix and it should soften once mixed in, as it would with normal clay. In order to keep the clay fresh it should be sealed in an air tight container over night or when not working with it. You may find that it might dry out in the packaging; if this is the case simply wet it and place in the microwave for just a few seconds being careful not to overheat it. Typical working tools for pottery and clay can be used to great effect with air dry clay, its consistency means that it will hold shapes very well and any impressions made so long as they are left to dry will hold fast. The main tools used are generally hardwood modelling tools, which .e in variety of shapes and sizes with different sculpting edges. These are available in various different sets, some cheap and some professional. You can also use plastic tools these tend to be ideal for beginners and children. Another handy tool is a clay cutter, much like a cheese cutter it slices through clay with a thin wire, giving a more accurate line than cutting with a knife. One minor drawback of air dry clay is that is only tends to .e in a few colours, including terracotta rust coloured clay, and white which may appear grey when wet. However the advantage of air dry clay is that it can be painted using various non water-based paints, or stained with various coloured inks. It is important to remember that water based paint will be absorbed in to the clay and any colour strength will be lost. It may even make the clay sink or decay if too much is applied. Being a relatively new product, air dry clay is not for everyone, however if you just wish to be creative and cut some costs then this could be for you as it will certainly help you cut down on your gas bill. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: