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UnCategorized Do you want to know what SEO strategy is ideal when you are creating a new website? Here’s a quick tip: it is just the simple basics you are probably already doing with your existing sites or even when you create new web pages. And keep in mind that your new site will have to gain the trust of Google, and to achieve that you will have to present your website properly. Start with a keyword research. When you want to be found in the search results, then your SEO process should begin with a keyword research. It is not actually your planned website that you need to analyze to let you know where to start with your keyword selection, but the market you are targeting for it. For example, if your website will be presenting content about dog care, your keywords might be ‘dog training’, ‘house training’, ‘dog health’, ‘dog food’, and similar words or topics. Selecting a domain name. There are two popular ways in choosing a domain name, it is really based on your preference. The first one is using the keyword that you have picked to optimize your website with. The only problem with this is often the domain name would already be taken due to the popularity of most high level keywords. The next option is to use your own .pany or brand name. If your name is unique then chances are the domain name is still available. Whichever you choose, always go for a short and easy to remember domain. Keyword placement Now that you have your keywords, the next thing you should do is to put it in the right places in your website, a basic SEO strategy followed by all optimization specialists. You should start with the title tag. Many search engine experts claim that the title tag alone will greatly help your website in the eyes of the search engines. You can also use your keywords in the navigation links, however do this only if it makes perfect sense. And while it is considered as not as important as before, it is also a good practice to optimize your meta description tag. But do not go overboard with it. Just two sentences will often be enough. Install Google Analytics It is often hard to evaluate the success of something if you cannot measure it. And that is where Google Analytics can help you. Basically it will give you reports on the number of visits your website is getting per day, including the key phrases people are using to find your site, and also which of your web pages are most popular. From these reports you will know where you need to improve and what keywords you should include in your search engine optimization. Of course you can always use other analytics software or services, but the important thing is you should use one. These are some of the basic steps that you should include in your own SEO strategy when you are creating a new website. And since no two websites or online businesses are the same, you are expected to make your own changes or additions to these processes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: