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Dong Mingzhu shelling millet: Valuation dare so high? Dong Mingzhu: I hate the people who love me from the WeChat public finance CCTV (ID:cctvyscj) for more than half a year’s suspension of GREE’s resumption of trading, shortly after the opening limit. Prior to this, GREE announced the acquisition of silver dragon and related programs to raise funds. Its helm Dong Mingzhu on a number of occasions, said that after the completion of the acquisition, GREE electric appliances from a professional enterprise into a diversified era. GREE’s diversification of the road how to go? Where is the key to success? CCTV financial reporter on GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu interview. Dong Mingzhu: I think the people who hate me, he will love me in August 18, 2016, GREE announcement, announced the proposed price of 13 billion yuan acquisition of Zhuhai silver long 100% stake. At the same time, additional 10 billion yuan for supporting financing. In the 10 billion set by the subscription of shares, only Dong Mingzhu individuals invested $937 million. Reporter Yao Jiahao: GREE announced the price of 13 billion, to the acquisition of Zhuhai long silver, to raise matching funds program to calculate, which your personal contribution of nearly 1 billion. We are especially curious about what kind of company it is, let GREE and you decide to spend so much money on it. Zhuhai GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd chairman and President Dong Mingzhu: because we are on the advanced technology, we have in the year before the New Energy Research Institute, specializing in battery, but we still have no way to break. We just learned that long silver, to other enterprises away to joint venture with others, the battery, after makes a careful analysis and discussion, we decided that this is a good project, should be closed down. After taking off, our biggest feature is the use of its technology, with my management, with my market, technology is to upgrade. Reporter Yao Jiahao: we are very concerned about GREE’s diversification process, from the beginning of a small refrigerator do you think home appliances, can also understand, after all, in the home appliance industry category. But then do the phone, including now do new energy vehicles, we can not see more and more, want to know this, what kind of logic is in it? Dong Mingzhu: in fact, many people think that we are cross industry, is not really a cross industry, in the past the car is on the engine and gasoline, we want to control, to the battery, it is precisely the most tacit understanding with me. Because of the servo motors they use, we have. The engine is used, it is not the same, it is our most easily, integrate it into one of the best of the industry chain, it can be a very good starting, I think GREE is the two leap. Reporter Yao Jiahao: now a lot of people say that GREE diversified success depends not only on capital and technology, also depends on not like Dong Mingzhu, such a strong leader, it is the key to success. Dong Mingzhu: I don’t deny that I’m talking about personal strengths. Because I think any leader, he is not a good man, he is a good leader. More is a good leader, he dared to continue to dig in the system.相关的主题文章: