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[] with wife driving central to Austria: Hal picturesque Shi – Sohu of Hallstatt tourism (Hallstatt), located about 75 kilometers southeast of Salzburg, is a beautiful lakeside town in 1997, UNESCO’s world cultural heritage, known as the "world’s most beautiful town" and "the world the most ancient salt". This is close to the town built between the steep slopes and tranquil lake, dotted with colorful houses built in the mountain slope, and the courtyard flower Kam collect open-air cafes, more than 3000 meters above sea level the magnificent mountains and limpid alpine lakes, Wonderland here will decorate into a picturesque. [P1] sunset, night falls, the whole town has become extremely quiet. A landscape of lakes and mountains, small town with nature; lights, reflection and lake xiangyingchengqu. Along the town’s only main road, walk quietly, slowly look, savor, gently feel. So beautiful and charming town, no wonder can get the favor of sissi. [P2] from Salzburg to Hallstatt, will pass a called Sankt Wolfgang (St. Wolfgang) place, this is also a beautiful town. Although there is no Hallstatt famous, but the scenery is no less. Since the middle ages, the Habsburg kings and nobles of the joy to the holiday, hunting, Sisi also come here in summer. [P3] the whole area consists of 12 large and small lakes together, like a pearl, is Austria’s most beautiful alpine lake area, the most warm and salt mine area. Walking in this small town, as in the river of flowers. Each semi wooden structure houses the windowsill flowers, be strong. [P4] after Sankt Wolfgang, another 35 kilometers to reach Hallstatt. This stands in the steep slopes and RUBY EMERALD Lakes Lake in the town, everywhere quiet residential beautiful fairy tale. [P5] in the Lake Garden Hotel, push a window to see the lake, overlooking the lake from the smoke, as if to fairyland. Of course, a resident of only about 1000 of the town, the reception is quite limited, the peak season, the hotel must be scheduled at least three months in advance, the price is quite high. [P6] Hallstatt limpid lake, in the mountain valleys, like a wide green ribbon. A row of lakes and the construction of the cabin, in the light of the sun is particularly eye-catching. These wooden houses are very similar to those in the south of China, but the walls, windows and balconies are made of wood. [P7] in order to be different from others, each household will be in the shape of the house, the color of their own style. Because in the lake, each household is still near the shore water built wooden house, specifically their small boat or yacht docked, as a means of transport. [P8] on the shore, it is unexpected that the residents here are all artists. The doors of every household are open, showing and selling their own:相关的主题文章: