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Health Drug addiction treatment is needed for people from all walks of life, and medical professionals are no exception. Drug addiction does not discriminate. Many people imagine their doctors and other medical professionals as the epitome of health. But, the truth is that approximately 10 percent of physicians have to battle with alcohol or drug problems at some time in their career. As with anyone else in need of drug addiction treatment, some medical professionals admit that they have a problem and seek help voluntarily. Others try to hide the fact until, maybe, their colleagues or patients be.e suspicious and report them. Either way, all medical professionals suffering from a drug addiction must go through some type of drug addiction treatment program and be re-evaluated and monitored before they are permitted to work in the medical field once more. Some addiction treatment centers offer specially adapted drug addiction treatment programs for medical professionals. These programs have high success rates, with the majority of doctors recovering sufficiently and resuming their medical careers. Special drug addiction treatment programs are essential for medical professionals for a couple of different reasons: Their high-risk jobs depend upon them being in the best of health with the ability to make the right decisions.· They may continue to have access to the very substances which they became addicted to in the first place, which means that maintaining their recovery may be more difficult. This is why medical professionals who have been through adrug addiction treatment program will continue to be monitored throughout their careers. Are you a patient concerned about your physician? Given the startling number of doctors who do be.e dependent upon drugs or alcohol it stands to reason that there is a very good chance you as a patient will .e across one in your lifetime. Here’s what to look out for: .Slurring of words ·Stumbling around ·Forgetfulness – beyond a reasonable amount ·Lack of coordination ·Is unusually irritable ·Looks increasingly disheveled ·Has a tendency to be.e over emotional Just because you notice one or more of the above symptoms in your doctor does not necessarily mean that they are addicted to drugs or alcohol and in need of drug addiction treatment. Other things like personal problems, marital difficulties, medical conditions such as diabetes or the beginning of dementia, or some other type of mental health problem could be the reason for their surprising behavior. If anyone does have strong reasons to suspect their doctor or medical professional is in need of drug addiction treatment they are strongly advised to discuss it with the practice administrator of the medical center or hospital. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: