Due to anti typhoon dereliction of duty Zhangzhou Dongshan County officials were more accountable (v 1926年属相�

Due to the anti typhoon responsible for negligent Zhangzhou Dongshan County officials to be accountability in the process of anti typhoon fourteenth "this year moranti", Dongshan County units at all levels to conscientiously implement the county Party committee and government decision-making arrangements, in strict accordance with the "Dongshan County anti typhoon flood emergency plan", all-out anti anti typhoon work. But in the anti anti typhoon, there is still a small number of Party cadres are lack of knowledge, careless, work is not in place, or even responsible for negligent behavior, causing adverse effects. The county government in September 13th issued an emergency notice requirements in the 14 days before 10 sea fishing must all county all into the harbour, the sea fishing operations personnel and ship personnel must be evacuated ashore. In a subsequent inspection, found 14, about 17:50, Tongling town area still has 3 nets of the women in the Old Navy Pier came ashore, exceeding the prescribed time of nearly 8 hours ashore. In the town of Tongling, the relevant units and personnel in the implementation of the anti anti typhoon "Meranti" in the deployment process, the work is not in place, poor duties, are responsible for negligent behavior, according to the "Regulations" provisions of the Communist Party of China accountability, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection decided to make a deal as follows: (a) the existence of negligence in Tongling Zhenhai tube station in the implementation of maritime evacuation process, the relevant personnel have not timely evacuation, ordered the Tongling Zhenhai tube station to make a written examination, and communicated within the county. Ordered to Tongling town Party committee responsible person Zhang Youmin, station staff Shen Wenchuang, Xu Jiangjun, Zhang Genglun and other four admonishing on sea. (two) the town of Tongling in charge of fishery work party members, armed minister Lin Lihua in evacuation, urging enough supervision and oversight has lost control, leadership responsibility, admonishing. (three) Tongling town Party committee propaganda Zhang Xiaolong in the anti anti typhoon propaganda work does not properly perform their duties, be responsible for negligent acts, admonishing. Tongling town party want to seriously draw lessons effectively assume overall responsibility strictly, strengthen the education and management of cadres, strengthen the sense of responsibility, sense of play, to further establish and improve the working mechanism, to prevent similar problems from happening again. The relationship between flood prevention safety of people’s lives and property, can not tolerate the slightest negligence, the county departments at all levels and Party members and leading cadres should learn a lesson from the briefing, by analogy, with the current ongoing "two do" education activities, consciously enhance discipline discipline consciousness, always put the strict political discipline in the first place there are measures, resolutely correct policy, under the orders and prohibitions of conduct to ensure that the county Party committee and government major decisions and work arrangements in place. Communist Party of China Dongshan County Commission for Discipline Inspection in September 15, 2016 related to video: Ministry of environmental protection: eight provinces of environmental pollution more than two thousand people were responsible for the Ministry of environmental protection: pollution of the environment in more than two thousand provinces and more than eight people were asked >相关的主题文章: