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The eleven holiday Beijing Turnpike toll free minibus – Beijing Beijing in September 26 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yin Li) according to the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission informed on the 26, eleven during the national day, Beijing within all toll roads for 7 or less (including 7) passenger vehicles to implement toll free policy. Transportation Commission expects this year’s National Day holiday (October 1st to 7) toll road traffic grew by about 12.2% compared with the year of 2015, the average daily traffic of about 2 million 300 thousand, the peak day or up to 2 million 500 thousand. According to the briefing, the small passenger car toll free time for the October 1st 0 to 7, 24, the vehicle left the time to exit toll stations during the quasi free passage, the free special passage for not issuing lift lever release; ETC lane without stopping way to maintain the existing traffic free mini bus toll fee is zero, the normal payment vehicle the remaining charge; to maintain the existing common driveway leading card payment accepted model for small passenger cars free release. Developed in October 7th 21:00 recovery card. Eleven people drive more holidays, is expected to speed Beijing Tibet, Beijing high-speed, Jingkaigaosu, Beijing Chengde, Beijing fast traffic pressure is relatively large, important scenic spots around the traffic will be relatively concentrated, prone to traffic jams. Daily morning 9 pm to 12 pm, 14 PM to 17 PM for the period of the total network traffic pressure is larger, the peak may appear in the morning of 10 pm to 11 pm, the last day afternoon and evening part of the highway to Beijing direction traffic pressure will be more prominent. Officials warned people to focus on the first day of the holiday and the last two days of traffic conditions, a reasonable choice of route. In order to enhance the efficiency of toll road traffic, toll free period, the Beijing toll road within the main toll station will be based on the actual traffic flow distribution models and set up a dedicated channel, a small passenger dedicated channel not less than the number of lanes (excluding ETC) 40%. Conditional ramp station will also set up a small bus free dedicated channel. Signs in the setting of a small passenger dedicated channel toll station 1000 meters, 500 meters to install a small passenger dedicated channel, channel dedicated toll Island head mounted mini bus channel logo, mini bus driver traffic tips. During the eleven free, when the free policy to attract a lot of traffic in the toll road, the main road seriously exceeded the carrying capacity, the traffic control department can take measures in the closed toll road entrance road, toll station area. Due to special circumstances of stranded passengers stranded in the toll road long time, the relevant departments will start emergency plans, stranded passengers to the charging station service, service area for the rest of the vehicle service or stranded vehicles provide refueling, drinking water, food, and other free radicals. Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission to remind the public, the National Day holiday scenic spots surrounding traffic will be more focused, please try to choose public transport travel. Recommendations from the people to travel ahead of the media through the media to understand the road information, reasonable planning trip, try to avoid the peak time and congestion road. (end)相关的主题文章: