EU foreign ministers meeting adopted a new round of sanctions against Syria list – China

EU foreign ministers meeting through the new agency a new round of sanctions against Syria in Beijing list – November 14 Brussels Xinhua (reporter Shen Chen) November 14th meeting of EU foreign ministers here through a new round of sanctions against the regime in Syria 17 power list, including the Central Bank of Syria governor, who entered the European Union sanctions blacklist". It is the second round of sanctions imposed by the EU on the Syria regime in the last two months. At the end of October, the European Union and President Assad of Syria Association of the 10 Syria officers and businessmen "blacklisted". Since 2011, the political turmoil in Syria, the EU has taken several rounds of sanctions against the regime in Syria, has 234 natural persons, the company has been included in the 69 Syria sanctions blacklist". At the same time, the EU is still maintaining economic sanctions against the regime in Syria, including a series of measures such as oil embargo, financial and trade restrictions. In the publication of sanctions blacklist, while the EU also issued a statement on the situation in Syria. "The EU is still looking for a political solution to the Syria issue," the statement said. The European Union will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to Aleppo and is expected to do its best to provide evacuation routes for the wounded." The Syria issue is the focus of the EU foreign ministers’ meeting in November. At present, the government of Syria in progress in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, to recover the two important area is located in the western suburbs of the city. It is reported that the Syria government and the Russian military in late October and early November in Aleppo City unilaterally to implement the two "humanitarian temporary ceasefire", in order to be trapped in the eastern region of Aleppo civilians and rebels evacuated. After the end of the cease-fire, the Syrian government forces and anti-government armed conflict broke out again and showed the potential stalemate. (end)相关的主题文章: