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Fan Star: independent brand breaking color value and quality are equally important in September 24th, to · the strength of faith as the theme of the brand 2016TTA ceremony held in Beijing. From Geely, brilliance, Chery, BAIC, JAC and other nearly 30 independent brand executives, as well as dozens of industry and media guests gathered together to witness the highest honor of independent brands, but also for the independent brand development advice and suggestions. At the peak of the dialogue session, deputy general manager of Chery automobile marketing company fan Xing said, the independent brand to continue to maintain the current development situation of the good in the next stage, Yan value is as important as the quality of the products, in the view of star fan, brand loyalty is a problem for each brand in the industry will encounter, how to enhance the loyalty, maintain good relationship with customers, it is necessary to understand user and seize the user pain points. The following is the speech record: Moderator: what do you think is the core factor to impress the user? Why? Fan Xing: just show the white paper we can see that today after 85 young users have become the main force in this market. Let’s take a look at this group of people in the end what kind of car. I think it is very important to the two elements, the first is the appearance, color value. We see a lot of homogenization of products on the market, young people have to reflect their own personality, what can reflect their own personality and personal taste, appearance is the first. The second is the core of the quality of the products, because we see young people today with the past we say after 60, 70, or even 80 users are very different, today’s young people are living in the Internet age below, they acquire knowledge and speed than a generation faster and better. Second, this group of young people actually have a good product experience, in fact, we can imagine that users today after 85, 90, even their first home users, but parents have a car, even inside their homes have no car, relatives and friends might have a car, so I think they are have a good car experience, or the experience of automotive experience. With this car experience actually in turn bring their demand for vehicles is not only the external, the core is the demand of the intrinsic quality, I think the whole conference with us today’s message is also wrong. We look at the past 20 years the development of independent brands, in fact, before 2010, the majority of independent brands are resolved can survive, they are of low quality, quick launch products occupy the market, this is the main stage of the competition. 2011 years later, many of our own brand of enterprises, including many of these meetings are talking about the quality of the two years, indeed independent brands began to focus on the quality of the product, how to live better. But in the first stage, we are looking for more external quality, how to do a little bigger car, a better look, it looks like the atmosphere, the allocation of high. But after today, I said in front of 85, after 90 consumers pay more attention to the appearance and the intrinsic quality of the product. Of course, from Chery internal data show, indeed Chery through the past two orders.相关的主题文章: