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Womens-Issues Ask any woman about the one favorite thing they possessed as a little girl, and they will tell you that the one item they loved above all else was their jewelry box. Opening the lid, watching the ballerina beginning to twirl, hearing music playing and spending happy hours sorting through their childish collection of jewels and trinkets is a memory most women hold dear for life. Indeed a woman’s jewelry box takes a special place in her heart. After all, most women adore beautiful jewelry, and having an equally beautiful box to contain their collection in is important. Jewelry boxes take pride of place on a woman’s dressing table, and can be an object of art in itself. Whether you are choosing a jewelry box for yourself, or are buying one for your sweetheart, selecting the right one is important. You should look for something that reflects the style and taste of the woman who owns it. If she is supremely feminine, a romantic old-world design might be the perfect gift. Even better, visit some antique stores to find one of the many truly beautiful antique jewelry boxes. On the other hand, if your lady is very modern and elegant in her tastes, there are plenty of sleek and unusual jewelry boxes in unconventional metals, and inlayed timbers. These more eclectic, different boxes tend to pop up in art galleries, artist markets and more innovative jewelry stores. If you are still having trouble deciding on the outward appearance of the jewelry box perhaps consider the overall style of the bedroom in which it will be placed. Linking the jewelry box to a woman’s dcor is a safe way of incorporating it into her home. Another thing to consider when looking for a jewelry box is the size and interior of the box. They .e in a range of sizes from the very small and .pact, to larger versions that can ac.modate a truly colossal collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and the like. In fact, it is worth looking out for a jewelry box that has a well-designed interior, with .partments and a ring keeping area to help .anize jewelry in an optimal fashion. Whether you simply visit your local jewelry store, or hunt through the local flea markets, you can find a jewelry box that carries on the magic that starts when a girl raises the lid on her very first jewelry box. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: