First, when the producer took city of amnesia Han Geng we do not wear the beautiful pupil –

When the first film "city of amnesia" producer   Han Geng: we don’t wear cosmetic contact lenses – Liaoning channel: original title: first take "amnesia when producer city" Han Geng: we don’t wear cosmetic contact lenses original title: Han Geng: we don’t wear cosmetic contact lenses Han Geng Han Geng for the first time as producer of TV drama "." the city of Beijing in the boot, in addition to the producer, starring Han Geng, will also participate in the music production figures also acts as a "gatekeeper", Han Geng jokingly said: "anyway, we don’t wear cosmetic contact lenses." When talking about the feelings of the producer, Han Geng quipped: "anyway, not my money, let me certainly spend." The "on" the city of amnesia is the content occurred in 2120 after World War, mankind has entered a new era of energy — memory energy era, science and technology can be used in human memory and spirit as energy, is a unique view of the world under the background of the human struggle story. Han Geng plays the character Li Lei unruly in the drama, the drama is not only his first 8 years after the return to the TV screen as is his first hit behind the scenes as a producer of the works. The first contact Han Geng interested in science fiction, he said, in order to seek true visual stimulation, play most of the scenes will be used in real structures, based on the real effects will fit in. (Judy Tang Long, commissioning editor: filial piety) 首当制片人拍《失忆之城》 韩庚:我们不戴美瞳–辽宁频道–人民网 原标题:首当制片人拍《失忆之城》 韩庚:我们不戴美瞳   原标题:韩庚:我们不戴美瞳   韩庚   韩庚首次担纲制片人的电视剧《失忆之城》前日在北京开机,韩庚除了身兼制片人、主演,还将参与音乐制作,人物造型上也充当“把关人”,韩庚开玩笑地说:“反正我们不戴美瞳。”谈及当制作人的感受,韩庚调侃道:“反正不是我管钱,让我管肯定乱花。”   《失忆之城》讲述的内容是发生在2120年世界大战后,人类进入新的能量纪元――记忆能量纪元,科技可以利用人脑中的记忆等精神作为能量,是一个在独特世界观背景下人类抗争命运的故事。韩庚在剧中饰演性格不羁的李雷,该剧不仅是他时隔8年后的回归电视荧屏之作,更是他首次触及幕后担任制片人的作品。首次接触科幻题材的韩庚兴趣满满,他透露,为了力求真实的视觉刺激,剧中大多数场景都将采用实景搭建,特效会在实景基础上配合。 (责编:孝媛、汤龙)相关的主题文章: