Five star hotel played the populist Hangzhou high star hotel – Sichuan channel lead off down

Five star hotel played the populist   Hangzhou high star hotel – Sichuan channel lead off down to earth — original title: five star hotel played the populist after summit high star Hotel Hangzhou lead off down to earth after the summit in Hangzhou, cinnamon, ushered in the peak tourist season, only the 7 day National Day holiday, Hangzhou 15 million 781 thousand and 800 tourists. As a landmark of Qianjiang new high star hotel is hard to find a room, but at the moment, but there is a high star hotel played the populist, lunch package 50 yuan early dinner, but one hundred yuan per capita, people shouted accident. Insiders said: after the summit, Hangzhou more than 40 star hotels, and how to lead off down to earth, the hotel is a hotly contested spot. The afternoon meal three soup 50 yuan early dinner dishes 18 yuan "Green Pepper Fried Beef with tomato, loofah, appetizer, soup, dessert, fruit Steamed Rice, this five star hotel working meal, how much money?" In Qianjiang New City Bank headquarters work Miss Wang, in the circle of friends made a guess the price game. "My friends reply all kinds of, but not a right." Miss Wang said proudly. She finally announced the answer, plus a service charge of 50 yuan early, let a circle of friends exclaimed. At 12:30 at noon yesterday, the reporters came to the Qianjiang new five-star road Hangzhou oceanwide Diaoyutai Hotel, the location is richly endowed by nature, backed by Qiantang River, from the first floor to Hangzhou City balcony, Qianjiang ornamental beauty room facing the river on the other side of the "Lotus bowl", such a "cold" new hotel, did not expect in the restaurant is very busy. Afternoon, almost see diners attire, All seats are occupied., basic to the surrounding office for family. The reporter saw, noon packages have a variety of options, basically is a combination of four dishes and one soup, dried vegetables, boiled bamboo shoots from Braised pork in brown sauce to Guangdong Chinese cabbage, secret sauce, chicken balls on Su lohan. Hotel Marketing Manager Ma Lin said: "in the hotel opening in the restaurant location, it has fully considered the Qianjiang citizen and office consumption ability, from the dishes to the vegetables are very down to earth." Not only the city is close to the people, but also the price is good enough dinner. In Hangzhou poly menu, Ma Lin pointed out to reporters: butter three pieces 28 yuan, soup, such as West Lake beef soup, is 28 yuan; and hot dishes, such as steamed chicken, red onion yellow croaker tenderloin with black pepper, is on the menu of expensive dishes, too only 88 yuan, a large number of hot dishes are mostly in the 38 yuan. Reporters forget, if two people with dinner, per capita has been very rich. High star hotel is not "cold" to lead off down to earth as a matter of fact, high star hotel is no longer "cold", this is the common sense of a lot of people in Hangzhou in recent years. After the summit in Hangzhou, the high star hotel in a tide, from the beginning of this year, Hangzhou Ruili River, Binjiang Yintai Department of Hotel Sheraton Hotel, Marriott, Hangzhou Qianjiang Hotel, Hangzhou sea treasure sendall Diaoyutai Hotel, Park Hyatt Hotel, have appeared. Next, Gould’s landmark Hangzhou Jumeirah Hotel, Hangzhou Kang Hotel Riedel, and Canada luxury hotel brand Hangzhou Fair)相关的主题文章: