Forecast Lotto 16130th period mean value interval of 16-22- Sohu 追踪309

Forecast Lotto 16130th period: on a mean interval 16-22- Sohu lottery prize number out of 0708193035 + 0809, and the area before the value dropped to 99 points, even covering a group (0708), and the area value rose to 17 points. Comprehensive analysis of 2016130 big lottery recommended: AC value analysis: in recent period values were changed slightly, the numerical value is 3-3-6-4-5, 2016130 main suggestions at 5 points within the values were anti pop no.. 012: the 012 road opened recently 5 period ratio 1:2:2, 0 out of number 8, 1 out of number 9, 2 out of number 8, the next 0 main road numerical warming covering. The complex interval trend: 129 period complex interval lottery number ratio of 1:0:4, according to the nearly ten lottery numbers in the number can be obtained across the complex characteristics, the latest 120 historic opportunity to fill 1-2 pieces of code. Average: the three period of the average value of 14-24-20, the recent trend in the average value of a slight shock situation, the focus of the 2016130 phase of the average fall ball 16-22 interval. Three area ratio: the interval distribution is 2:1:2, three interval number belongs to the normal distribution, a signal down the next 130 period award number partition.相关的主题文章: