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From a technical point of view, to teach you to find a strong Yang – Sohu mother and child were pregnant for second months, has been pregnant, I hope the next baby all smooth and healthy. Thanksgiving, making crazy people have prepared pregnant Fang let me learn a lot of knowledge to prepare pregnant all experiences, it is worth sharing, combined with own preparation process of pregnancy share some of their own feelings to you, hope to help the sisters good pregnant as soon as possible! PS: [] symbol content should focus on the first 9.16 can see oh mother ash still can’t believe it, I tense. Think of dispersing his intense attention, called her husband to take me out to eat well, think if really pregnant, then nothing to eat, just pretend what all don’t know. So greedy ate a Chocolate Ice Cream. All day long to think that in the lamp can barely see the gray seal, is the baby brush the first sense of existence. But the morning also measured three brands of ZZY, only this one is placed in the SA for twenty minutes after the ash India, David and SA are white gold. Checked online, said ZZY SA special easy fried Hu, and even post that can measure the ash tap water India? Although the heart is very disturbing, worry is white a happy, but subconsciously was especially confident, I think this is probably the sixth sense. Go home at night and took the Xiuer urine, it is very happy to see the naked eye can easily fly ash. Do not look like the morning in the lamp under the eyes. This also confirms the post that hCG is doubling every day, that is, with the increase in time. Although ZZY is still gray, but I know it is in progress, more peace of mind. So???????????? [when you detect when the first gray seal, if really pregnant, regardless of whether there are urine, ZZY should have two bars]????????????? Is a building have a heart on insomnia, sleep 9.16 nights, second days early to wake up, wake up and run to the bathroom and check the three different early pregnancy. – Sa: is worthy of the highest sensitivity test, so it is easy to worry about yesterday fried hu. Today is not a minute on the color, color faster than yesterday, and red, powder printing. Jin Xiuer: it is not clear what relation with SA, yesterday or today mother board, grey. David: Legend of the slowest test, today is also the mother of ash. See the good husband in the heart at ease, ear gently said take me to the hospital, the husband was very calm, I think he should be afraid in case of mistake, I can not afford, so have been weighing on my passion, call me calm. Go to the hospital near our home, the doctor heard that my aunt (last 8.24 days) are not to, don’t let me check blood, No. I check to check, and was told to three days to get results. I can not wait, in her recommendation to go on another 2 hours to be able to take the results of the old hospital. Like a doctor in front of me, the doctor said it was too early. I said I wanted to have a real test. After 1 hours to get the results to find a doctor, she was surprised to say, "yo! Just pregnant oh相关的主题文章: