Fujian Zhangzhou waters upgrade against Taiwan warning Xiazhang passenger flights to Beijing – fully-didadi

Fujian Zhangzhou waters upgrade against Taiwan warning Xiazhang passenger routes – fully suspended Beijing Beijing in September 13 Zhangzhou Xinhua (Xiao Shuixi) reporter 13 from Zhangzhou maritime bureau learned that the latest, at noon on the 12, the upgrade again "Meranti" against Taiwan warning, announced to enter the two level against Zhangzhou coastal waters a comprehensive response against the typhoon "meranti". To deal with the typhoon storm, on the morning of 13 to 8, Zhangzhou maritime bureau has been in accordance with the "latest moranti", timely start anti Taiwan three alarms, requirements of the area in the harbor ship, ship dangerous goods all stop operation, advance into the sheltered anchorage. Since September 12th started the anti typhoon emergency response, Zhangzhou Maritime Bureau in accordance with the anti taiwan plan has been deployed, by telephone, SMS, fax, VHF VHF and all available information to remind the way of shipping companies, port and shipping and other relevant departments to continue to pay attention to the typhoon movement, early plan according to the response; the establishment of anti taiwan inspection teams went to the East, Gure, bidding and supervise the implementation of the Taiwan Work silver, strengthen inspection of bridge area, water conservancy construction, water passenger ferry routes and other key waters, in particular to strengthen the "Xiazhang sea bus", construction safety supervision without moving force of ship and other key object, the maximum to avoid or reduce the occurrence of all kinds of emergencies at sea. In addition, maritime law enforcement officers also carried on the port ship evacuation, contact each ship in Hong Kong, the implementation of the anti Taiwan, on the ship in the sheltered anchorage, reasonable arrangement position, pull anchor spacing, sufficient safe space. As of 13 May 12, Zhangzhou LNG 3#, after the reclamation project and 8# Guleinan berths berths area of key water construction projects have been stopped construction, construction area of shipbuilding industry have reached the safety of the sheltered waters. Passenger ships in Zhangzhou area including the Xiazhang sea "bus", will also be in 1200 when all to the sheltered waters, Xiazhang fully suspended passenger routes. (end)相关的主题文章: