Guan Hu ghost blows lamp invites Ethan Ruan to be able to play the role of the president of the Unit lformat

Guan Hu "ghost chuideng" invited Ethan Ruan Raymond Lam to play his "ghost chuideng yellow leather grave" Ethan Ruan plays Hu Bayi Raymond Lam will appear in the "world" Sina entertainment news last year in Guan Hu’s film "old gun" harvest of the box office and word of mouth, now, he will test the water network drama director, "ghost chuideng yellow the leather grave". Today, he appeared in Beijing announced that the project is about to start. Turning to invite Ethan Ruan [micro-blog] as Hu Bayi, said Guan Hu and the other is a very good friend, also praising each other. As for Xu Lu as he said, "thrush, unfamiliar to her before, but this cooperation is very surprised, she was so quiet that young." In addition, he also revealed a former member of the EXO enabled newcomers, and described as "when he left very low-key, unlike the later people so high-profile." In addition, Raymond Lam also said to be in a very love IP "works": "in his world I quite happy. I understand in his heart, quite diversified, is subtly malicious and ambition, but the emotional life is love, very gentle." And who is the woman? Raymond Lam was selling the matter, only revealed the heroine named tang. As for the drama and little meat Qin Junjie tight lipped. Although the "Temple" Genting Tomb of the released first starring, but what role he refused to disclose. (the young (hot water): when commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: